Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)

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Published: 2 months ago
The trailer is here.

The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.


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What was the whole of Jon being brought back to life, he was useless against the Night King, what was the whole point of Jon Snow bending the knee, did he not say at the Dragon pit LIES won't help us and basically that is what he did, he LIED to Dany and what was the whole point of him being a Targaryen.........NO fucking reason what so ever? To think Dany would be alone and not have a guards is so stupid that the writers think we viewers are idiots......the only reason they made such a good Queen from Season 1 to Season 8, go a little crazy in Episode 5, is because they wanted to kill her in episode 6. WORST WRITING IN THE HISTORY OF TV!

1 minute ago

Here after episode 6

5 minutes ago

Who's here after watching the last episode of season 8??😂😂

12 minutes ago

The best thing Game of Thrones FANS, can do is to LEAVE HBO, boycott HBO and don't buy anything HBO makes, this is the only way HBO will listen, petitions are nice but money is what talks when HBO starts to LOSE MONEY then they will start to pay attention to us the viewers, right now they don't give a fuck about the viewers and fans of this show because if they did they would have NEVER approved such crap for production!

13 minutes ago


In, Season 8






satisfaction (until end of EP 03)

But, most important at the end

The Perfect Balanced.

Fucking Genius!

21 minutes ago

Which show are you watching? Because it certainly can't be GOT.......Season 8 was terrible!

16 minutes ago

Season 8 the worst season of GOT
worst writing

32 minutes ago

HBO is a disgrace. Took 2 years to produce this garbage and wasted 10 years of my time! Shameful. Worst writing.......ever! Who would have thought Season 8 would be 10000000000 times worse than Season 7, and we had to wait 2 fucking years for this rubbish!

34 minutes ago

+Barni Neba It is not for no reason, I see that u saw every detail but yet u did not somehow see daenerys vision, and all of those mad kings daughter prophecy... and you forgot that GoT is not some happy ending tv show as u could saw in s1. Season writting is not good as it was in earlier seasons, but s7 should have been last season and they made 1 more. GoT is mainstream some fans want this other want this, everyone knows best, tons of theories... simply mainstream problems

4 minutes ago

+canis majoris 7 Seasons 8 years, and then 2 years for this rubbish Season 8, hence 10 years, maybe 9 years plus........what a waste of time. What a way to destroy such a great show that i loved.

22 minutes ago

+canis majoris Please have you even seen the last 7 seasons, have you followed the story line. It's not about not getting what you want, you can't make a good Queen Dany from Season 1 to Season 8 and then in episode 5, you make her go a little crazy for no reason, just so you can kill her in the next episode. If you haven't seen her story go watch it from the start. This is about BAD writing, and episode 6 sucked just like the whole Season 8.

23 minutes ago

Now hate because season doesnt end like u want... And what are you talking about 10 years of wasting? smh...

26 minutes ago

46 minutes ago

Jon and Dany Should Have Stayed in That Waterfall

47 minutes ago

Screw Jon the traitor, Dany saved his stupid ass so many times, got her Dragon killed to save his stupid ungrateful ass, saved him in the battle with the Night King twice, she saved the North and his whole family and this is how he repays her by killing her, all his cheap words mean nothing, bending the knee means nothing and he is no different from say a Peter Baleish. Jon the Traitor!

26 minutes ago

So in the end the most useless characters are alive, that did not do anything and the most useless character Bran is made King, Dany who deserved the throne more than anyone gets betrayed because of stupid writing and then killed because of terrible writing of super bad writers. Don't waste your time watching anything on HBO, wasted 9 years of my life on this show only for it end with such a terrible horrible Season 8!

58 minutes ago

Honestly don't waste your time watching any sequels from HBO because all the will do is get a few seasons right makes you waste your time and then end the show with the worst possible ending ever. The best thing you can do is NOT WATCH HBO and NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!

1 hour ago

Oaths mean nothing, bending the knee means nothing and lets think about this after traitor Jon kills Dany, the Dothraki and UnSullied don't kill Tyrion or Jon, they hold them, are you fucking kidding me, those two would have been executed straight away but because of plot amour the's so so shameful that anyone any where could write such a super bad story line. Shameful HBO, very shameful!

1 hour ago

So what was the point of Jon whole being a Targaryen? NO REASON JUST A WASTE OF TIME! What was the point of entire series, just a super disgraceful ending, it's beyond shameful writing, beyond shameful for HBO to allow this super bad ending and Season 8 to even be produced!

1 hour ago

Think About This >>>>>>>>>>>>> Season 1 to Season 8 Danny is the good queen who never harms any innocents!
Think About This >>>>>>>>>>>>> Season 8 Episode 5, The Writers decide well LETS just forget about all the other seasons and make Danny go crazy!
Think About This >>>>>>>>>>>>> Season 8 Episode 6, Leave Dany alone without any Dothraki or UnSullied, so a useless traitor Jon Snow can kill her!
Think About This >>>>>>>>>>>>> So what was the point of the entire story from Season 1 to Season 8, Episode 5.........well lets just make the most useless character Bran King! Shameful

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

I watched here, there was a mind blow when the last scene, John traced north with the group, people in the north were afraid to go north because there were undead. so jhon will continue to go to the north and will find new territory. this is the same as the first human history.

1 hour ago

These 2 idiots ruined the show

1 hour ago

How could you kill Dani? For eight seasons you led her to the throne she deserved most of all! In the course of the film, she was raped, beaten, humiliated, betrayed, sold into slavery and humiliated in every way! We, the fans of the film are very disappointed that you killed our beloved hero! She saved everyone, saved John, and John scum killed her! He did not love her, but if he loved, he would not have killed her! You do not respect your viewers! When they killed Deaneris, I cried, because I was so filled with love for this long-suffering character! Weight end of the series absolutely did not go the logical way. How could it happen that for eight seasons Dainer was normal, but at the end of the film, suddenly the city fell from scratch and burned the weight of the city! We are fans of the series say no such end! Bring our beloved queen Dani back alive! We are watching this film and in many ways you owe us, your viewers, you must at least retake the last episode and not kill Denis! I know that 99 percent of fans of the show want it! Do not burn bridges behind you! Listen to hundreds of millions of fans of the series !!!

1 hour ago

I wish there are only this trailer for this season

1 hour ago

Disgraceful ending.

1 hour ago

Such a disgrace. Shame... shame on you.

2 hours ago

Show ruined.

2 hours ago

Maldito hbo te cagastes ....nunca jamás vere una serie de ti

2 hours ago

Because of John Snow's fault and not getting on the dragon fast and escaping from the Night King Dany lost to Viserion

Because John betrayed the confidence of Dany refuse his kiss, she retreat to Dragonstone, she loses Rhaegal.

In the end, they blame her for burning a city that supported a tyrannical queen and betrayed her so that in the end everything would end as it started.
a world governed and divided by power as they make clear in the scene where Sansa bitch wants to govern the north, only because she wants to do it.

I hate John Snow, the dwarf shit of Tyrion and more to the director of this garbage, I hope that Drogon comes back and burns them all, Dracarys, you sons of bitches!

2 hours ago

I feel you bro ......& Hope it goes as you mentioned.
Dracarus - burn them all , HBo network, company just everything

2 hours ago

I am numb & paralyzed after finale .
Bran - king of crow mf
Long may he reign😐

2 hours ago

“We kinda forgot how to write” ~D&D

2 hours ago

So Jon snow was a Targaryen... for no fucking reason. Bran became the three eyed raven... for no fucking reason. Danny did amazing things for season 8... for no fucking reason. Prince who was promised... No fucking reason. Everyone you wanted to team up for 8 seasons teams up... For no fucking reason. Everyone you wanted to die died... for no fucking reason. Fucking Brandon stark the character no one gives a shit about for 8 season is king..why? For no fucking reason that’s why i have watched game of thrones since 2011... For no fucking reason.

2 hours ago

Anime 3D yep. Very sad.

1 hour ago

Spoiler alert: The worst was when a dragon swept in and destroyed the only starbucks in town. Kidding aside, i never watched the show but visited here to see how it ended. Looks like i dodged a heartbreak after 8 seasons.

2 hours ago

This season was a fucking disgrace.

2 hours ago

When the trailer is better than the whole season. Especially the last fuckn episode

2 hours ago