Blake Griffin likes Pistons’ offensive potential with Derrick Rose

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Published: 4 months ago


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0:23 guy holding a paper is creepy

3 weeks ago

Blake tired of everybody talking about Drose 🌹

4 months ago

Gotta trade Reggie Jackson. Big time weak link.

4 months ago

Blake kum back to okc we need yu

4 months ago

Someone ask Blake why he keep shaving his goddamn beard 😐

4 months ago

i think Casey will have to use that lineup to win close gms and possibly win them too. D Rose with you, Dre, RJ, Luke worked there was more energy, spacing, shooting. a lot of things we can do with that group.

4 months ago

Yea luke and derrick with morris is a great second unit. Thon played hard, too.

4 months ago