the deadliest sword in skyblock

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Published: 1 week ago
not gonna lie i mostly made this video because someone sent me this ridiculously good thumbnail and i thought it would be criminal not to use it at some point
incredible thumbnail by
credits to my little sister for helping get that footage of floof walking out the door. that took way longer to record than you would think, that dog is either completely stationary or going ZOOM at all times lmao
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You thought it was a chance at financial security, BUT IT WAS ME, DEO

1 week ago

insert jojo pose

1 week ago

Deo didn't realize that Jumping into the void in ur island you don't lose coins

1 week ago

Deos stand "Za Coop" is class B I'm every stat and the stand ability is it stops your coop to stop making progress

1 week ago

Technoblade I know where you live

1 week ago

Techno: 25k damage hahahahahaha thats what i like to see
TimeDeo: I can get 150k damage

6 minutes ago

Me: Just joins a coop


Also me: ......

1 hour ago

poor dogs :(

1 hour ago


2 hours ago


my names in a technoblade video :D 8:37

2 hours ago

"on second thought I'm not gonna become a communist because the bourgeoisie have really high crit damage."

I died at this, that was amazing

7 hours ago

Do you need a hug?


7 hours ago


8 hours ago

Please make more survival challanges and i love your videos
Please update more!!

9 hours ago

Is this how im supposed to do it?


10 hours ago

6969 comments :D

10 hours ago


10 hours ago

think about this. this is actually someones job. to do this.

13 hours ago

Next Episode on SKYBLOCK. Technoblade tries to troll a noob in Co-op but the noob was Hypixel in disguise and Hypixel was actually trolling Technoblade

16 hours ago

Are you sure you want to [Dropkick deo in the jaw]?


17 hours ago


17 hours ago

I’m so mad he used a titanic

17 hours ago

knowing techno he didn't make an ask pig grinder

21 hours ago

Technoblade: I can deal 30k damage with my sword

Timedeo, with the falchion: amateur

22 hours ago

imagine selling a flower minion and randomly getting 50 mill

23 hours ago

when techno realizes that his weapon isnt the best anymore :P

1 day ago

roblox music intensives

1 day ago

Oh oh but technoblade, if you do the maths, the Midas sword does like 2% more damage!

1 day ago

You can’t get wolfs anymore techno :(

1 day ago

"Oh boy, that quote meme sure was stupid"
-Me 2020

1 day ago


Gravity falls theme song starts playing

1 day ago

At 11:28 he said 15 mil coins.

you had one job

1 day ago

I'd Beg to differ with what he said about the 50 mil Midas sword because you had to kill a lot of stuff and sell what you get. So technically 50 mil Midas and Pigman Sword would be about the same.

1 day ago

Imagine having a sword made of dead people that you ordered you army to kill

1 day ago