Surprise Patio Makeover Reveal!

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Published: 4 days ago
I hope you enjoy today's video :)

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HAPPY Thanksgiving FROM Canada 😁💕🇨🇦

7 minutes ago

Ryland can u like makeover my room

9 minutes ago

Drinking game, take a shot every time ryland says Im not a huge maple man

14 minutes ago

I dont what but tere was something off about this- felt like a Kris Jenner production sponsered by Home Depot- Im from the Uk so I dont know the name. Something off about it. To be that unexcited about that home and that view - those friends - that entire life - its weird.

29 minutes ago

Also didnt feel the last Video with Jefree Star - just an hour long advert of Swatching ''Its like butter'' hmmm yeah they all are apparently now.

28 minutes ago

Where is Garrett is he dead

30 minutes ago

When they showed the patio at night it looked like Olive Garden

32 minutes ago

U should add an outdoor rug to really anchor the seating area

37 minutes ago

Shane: how much did this cost?
Ryland: I actually got everything on sale
😂😂 if that's not me and my husband

37 minutes ago

HI, can you give us some info on the ring?  It looks beautiful. :)

41 minutes ago

I love it, Ry!!!

47 minutes ago

I can't wait for Shane's next docu-series: "My Haunted Patio (Conspiracy Theory)".

49 minutes ago

WOW! Ryland, you should do celebrity renovations - you are a master at this!!!!!

52 minutes ago

i forgot theyre engaged and then i saw rylands ring and freaked out all over again ☺️☺️

1 hour ago

"Renovating with Ryland"

1 hour ago

go to biglots you’ll be surprised

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

"Vlogging: A Full Body Experience" Rylands book title

1 hour ago

How is honey the worlds calmest husky but my dog is the worlds most obnoxious husky?

2 hours ago

Ryland and morgan vlogs are life

2 hours ago

Guys I think this guy might be gay just a theory though I will get back to you when I have more research

Edit Holy Shit he’s really gay Guys run

Edit I have called the police but they say “gays not a crime” but I said no but then I got punched in the face for being a “ homophobic piece of shit” so like what’s up with that

Edit I was speaking very loudly on a city bus

2 hours ago

I didn’t even know you had a channel I love your channel have been binge watching

2 hours ago

Shane doing more free advertising (for Julien) lol

2 hours ago

Aww looks great!! Maybe get a nice outdoor rug too!

2 hours ago

Great job Ryland 🙌🏽

2 hours ago

Andrew and Morgan annoy the shit out of me 😒

2 hours ago


2 hours ago

I used to work at Home depot and when I saw the propane tank I was like : oh no I hope he made it filled somewhere cause those are empty :(

2 hours ago

You are soo talented

2 hours ago

please start buying used furniture

2 hours ago

Ryland really wanted to let people know he’s not a maple fan.

2 hours ago