Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)

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Published: 1 week ago
The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.


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horrivel pior final possivel

2 minutes ago

Kit Harrington is epically disappointed

3 minutes ago

Unsullied take john’s sword when he visit’s the imp in the cell, but somehow when he visit’s their queen, she is all alone! Not to mention the weird awkwardness throughout the episode after Danny’s death :’D shame, shame, shame

6 minutes ago

There will be tens new versions of GoT in the future. But you, David Benioff - DB Weiss, are always will remain as the worst sceenwriters.

6 minutes ago

Daenarys said she was going to break the wheel, but GOD made the wheel builder the king. Too bad people are too stupid to understand this (ie Bran the builder).

6 minutes ago

Please tell me why you did THIS to your fans? After all this years. 😡

7 minutes ago

HBO you company evil! Caught off a great TV show!

8 minutes ago

if directors of GOT wouldn't bring dany back then they will die same way as ned stark died in first season. you are inspired by avengers end game, where iron man died and his film created history in film history, that's not gonna happen with your show. you are nothing without jrr , that's why your last season nothing but a disappointment.

8 minutes ago

Shame😩😞 shame shame shame shame shame shame 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💤💤💤💤💤👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😵

8 minutes ago

Season review in one word.
" Shame".

14 minutes ago


16 minutes ago

Children of the fucking Catelyn. One is killer of the night king, one is a king, one is a queen. The real hero and protector of seven kingdom jon snow? going to the wall. Fuck you!

16 minutes ago

The eighth season was okay :)

20 minutes ago

Bonne vojage Dothraki

21 minutes ago

nobody says this ending was Justice for House of Starks.
From the begining of series until the end of season 7 their life was a f nightmare and u complain about Dani? She killed innocent people and Starks were the victims all those years SO the good won the bad at the finale end of story and yes i am happy about the last episode.
The North remembers.

21 minutes ago

The humor was forced and Daenerys insane heel turn felt too sudden and waved off with her Targaryen heritage.
Otherwise, I enjoyed this season a lot more than the previous one, which was pandering to the highest degree.

Also, Jamie and Cersei was a less cringey and more believeable couple than Jon and Daenerys, and that's saying something.

25 minutes ago


27 minutes ago

Terrible smh...

28 minutes ago

- Серый Червь уплыл?
- Похоже на то.
- Лол, Джон, можешь остаться, теперь все хорошо. -_-

28 minutes ago

Настоящая причина почему Арья отправилась на Запад:
Она поплыла в США, потому что два новых человека были добавлены в ее список: Дэвид Бениофф и Дэн Уайсс

29 minutes ago

Sansa : You are good at this, U know? A ruling! but.

Bran : I don't want to be a king but..

Jon : Everything before the word 'but' is a horse shit!

29 minutes ago

De la vrai merde

30 minutes ago

it was like unwrapping a present slowly, savouring every second (bloody eight seasons) get to the prize- bang, some bastards given you a turd! a special place in hell for you HBO, 2 f''in years my arse

30 minutes ago

The WINE I'm drinking not enough to forget this horrible last episode
OMG please tell me there is Episode 7 coming out or need to just buy whole F#ck cellar

31 minutes ago

God this episode sucked so much.

34 minutes ago

In the end Drogon was the most loyal of all

37 minutes ago

#pissed pissed on how your ended the season, Jon deserve better your did him a in justice sorry to say pissed

They did injustice for Jon Snow Hbo, GOT writers Fuck your

38 minutes ago


41 minutes ago

I just watched the episode last night. It was such a twist ending when Shrek appeared and told all the people how pathetic they were.

47 minutes ago

ANd than Tywin bitch slapped everyone else casue SHrek demands it

42 minutes ago

John Slow is pretty fast with his knife game tho lol

53 minutes ago