My House Is Haunted, Of Course.

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Published: 1 week ago
Whatever. I missed having roommates, anyway.

Check out Joe!







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trying to pull my life together!


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Hey honey buns! Can't wait for you to see my house become a home <3 Stay updated on my socials @gabbiehanna!

1 week ago

honey buns omg

3 hours ago

Wait i thought we were handjobs😂😂

9 hours ago

honey buns? or hanna buns? lol

12 hours ago

Gabbie you can probably save the bush

17 hours ago

maybe the ghost followed you

23 hours ago

it was a wasp nest

1 minute ago

i wish i was ur roomate

13 minutes ago

joe had an orb follow him in the bathroom

13 minutes ago

is thta joe who is a camrea men for josh peck

15 minutes ago

HELWWWWWP gabbie said

15 minutes ago

Why when she was putting the hoes holder in the grass it was blurred

17 minutes ago

Gabby I love your shirt twenty one pilot fan forever

1 hour ago

Someone please explain the concept of return air vents to Gabbie 😆

1 hour ago

"Was that the jokey?" 🤣🤣🤣

1 hour ago

love u

1 hour ago

It’s roots might be alive underground

1 hour ago

Update: A homeless person lives in my house!!!

1 hour ago

It’s reviveable. Bushes are a pain in the ass to kill

1 hour ago

I fucking seen the light omgggg @1:14

1 hour ago

Peep the tøp shirt

2 hours ago

Scratch the wood on the dead plant (try the main stalk) and if it's green then it is still alive! if it's brown then burn the bush.

2 hours ago

I literally rewound the video after she said she saw the light thing and the second time it played it froze and skipped over that part so I had to rewound it again!

2 hours ago

Hay gabby can you do a vid about decoration in side the house like paint or furniture pls

2 hours ago

Around 18:00 there is just blurred and it looks like someone or something! I have no clue if you edited it just to scare us or its real..

2 hours ago

Dude, its a kettle 😂😂

2 hours ago

"I think my house is haunted already."

Yeah, I always hate when I can't invite my own spirits in. What a bummer.

2 hours ago

My arm span is 5' 10" this is not okay!!!!

3 hours ago

Omg her arms are actually 5,6

3 hours ago

I can explain the speakers if they're bluetooth.
someone played a song on my sister's bluetooth speaker while she was cleaning her room. someone chose... an interesting choice.

3 hours ago

It was Joes watch that made that orb

4 hours ago

Gabbie and joe: It's a bees nest!
pans over to a wasp nest

4 hours ago

Omggg this was amazing , I missed joe so much 😭😭

4 hours ago

Gabbie I saw the light too!! Definitely haunted.

5 hours ago

murder house starring gabbie hanna

6 hours ago