Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

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Published: 1 year ago
Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.


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The thing I absolutely love about Elon is the fact that he doesnt really say its 100% gonna work. The fact that he says I dont know but I'm gonna try it, if it works sweet but what we're doing now isnt working. He also follows through with those plans until the most logical time to pull out and he says okay, we gave it the best attempt that the idea warranted, there's a better way to do it we just need to find it

1 hour ago

This conversation....increases consciousness, creative mind, and is amazing. Hats off to both.

2 hours ago

I simply love when Joe looks over at the producer guy. You can tell they are homies. And while i'm at it, fuck all the haters.

3 hours ago

It's time to get Elon Musk back on the podcast already!

4 hours ago

Well, he is an alien afterall

5 hours ago


6 hours ago

They are supposed to be best friends for sure. Such a good connection. Really cute to watch :)

7 hours ago

Idk why but I get anxiety when Elon speaks

8 hours ago

in a way this was boring. Both Elon and Joe have done amazing things though

9 hours ago

02:10:25 if you're here for the meme

9 hours ago

He totally didn't breath it in but fuuuuuuuck YES ELON!

10 hours ago

Your way of asking a question, then applying comedy and jokes to the initial response, but bringing the question right back. Its like it provokes a more serious response. Amazing!

11 hours ago

dose anybody have a scary camp fire story?

11 hours ago

i’m 110% elon is the same AI technology we are stressing out about rn but just from the future and he came back just to fuck with us

12 hours ago

To all potheads out there: I hope its clear that he regularly smokes blunts based on his smoking skills.

13 hours ago

You know you've done well in life when you're hanging and smoking weed with Elon Musk. Fair play Joe! Good show, very interesting. 👍🏻

14 hours ago

They should make a human and solar powered watch

14 hours ago

He has the strangest speech pattern ive ever heard...everytime i decide hes american i hear a uk south african or dutch accented word. Wtf

14 hours ago


14 hours ago

The life today 38:44

15 hours ago

Elon "Just a pit" Musk

15 hours ago

Elon's just playing creative mode

17 hours ago

A person who has finished this video without taking any break will have a high attention span. (PS: I can't )

17 hours ago

He is either autistic or a Robot or on drugs

17 hours ago

Joe "Hey listen man, im as smart as you" Rogan

18 hours ago

he is such a two faced hypocrite . He says AI is dangerous and has warned people and yet he is one building cars with the most integrated Autonomous driving which is one of the first steps of AI... dumbing down drivers.
The problem with him is he lacks any sort of humanity and seeks refuge in technology..
Unlimited information is no indicator of wisdom or intelligence, he has no idea of the potential of the human being.I am sure he is a fan of 5G for more bandwidth, which will fry our brains..
At least he seemed to enjoy the Bonobo monkey conversation.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." The quote is by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
This is the simulation..He still does not know why we are here...

His engineers can make a car dance and yet they cannot make an affordable car for the people who would want or need them. He should ride motorcycle if he wants to experience exhilaration in driving.
When he quotes the 97 % narrative of consensus, then he is buying into one sided of the discussion of climate change/ global warming. If the carbon is in the ground, it was on the surface at one time as vegetation or animal.
He should inform himself of the planet's non uniform motion, contributing to climate change. He might acknowledge the toxicity of current solar cells.
He should help develop Thorium energy.

Milankovitch cycles affecting climate change

His cars are utilizing a single speed transmission with 500 ft lbs of torque. With that kind of torque you could have multi geared planetary final drive and end up with a thousand mile of range. But for some reason a two second car is more important.

When the Chinese program their AI to harvest and utilize information towards their ends, then maybe you might have some concerns. With all the phone scams coming out of India and those Egyptian princes, pretty sure foreign hackers would love to have all your information for identity theft. Elon protects Chinese interests.

Joe Rogan finds the silver lining in privacy invasion..

Elon's two best responses. Mushrooms? Delicious... Is it legal? and takes a puff...
He's kinda like Data from Star trek, tilts his head, processing, processing...
Curious how much him being bullied as a child still drives him for a better world and wanting to escape this world...

Joe is so funny, and smart in his own way. His best question, Do you have a love machine?

elon, a little less talk and more action, a little more kindness and credit to Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning...

19 hours ago

Good point

18 hours ago

This interview greatly changed my perspective on society as we know it. I've watched it twice already.

20 hours ago

It took me 2 hours and 27 minutes to realise that the thing in Joes left eyes is a light reflection! XD

21 hours ago

I been wanting a flame thrower for the lingest time. I have a shitty little propane torch for burning weeds off each year but it takes forever and uses half a 20 pound tank before the valve inside seals the tank leaving me having to return it before getting all the fuel out. Can't use a regulator to control the fuel use cause it slows the flame to not being able to burn the weeds. A flame thrower would cut the job into no time and save me lots of work. A biofuel would be safe for the ground so when I plant our food it would not be toxic.

21 hours ago

I think we need x2 Like button, when you really like a video to DOUBLE LIKE IT!!!!

21 hours ago