NOT DEAD YET ...maybe... | Oxygen Not Included - Part 2

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Published: 4 months ago
Things are still going COMPLETELY smooth in Oxygen Not Included and absolutely NOTHING is going wrong!




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comment  Comments

17:45 illuminati confirmed

9 hours ago

this is a horror game thanks to Markiplier

19 hours ago

mark it gets hotter the lower you go and colder the higher you go

2 days ago

Other ONI Players : name Duplicants after their supporters
Markiplier : Hee-Hoo it is

3 days ago

ahhhHHHHHHHHHHH 10:27 lol

5 days ago

Mark plays bad, haha

1 week ago

I shave my beard once every 1-2 weeks because I'm too lazy to do it more frequently, can relate.

1 week ago

I like how Mark forgot that the polluted water tank can't hold polluted water if it doesn't exist.

1 week ago

Mark admits, he is a cinnamon roll.

1 week ago

17:45 is equal to 17:58

1 week ago

I think mark had a psychotic break in this video lmao

1 week ago

When you say your gonna but whomever sasses you it just makes people want to sass you more because you will go over to there house and they will meat a big youtuber

2 weeks ago

Pretty sure that the mushrooms you are consuming are forbidden were you live.

2 weeks ago

Darkiplier!!! At 17:50

2 weeks ago


Me as an Intellectual:Ayuwoki

2 weeks ago

Poo poo

2 weeks ago

orgens of darkaplyer?

2 weeks ago

Rust old!

3 weeks ago

Yod a la he ho

3 weeks ago

17:50 wtf

3 weeks ago

Mark: does something logical

Also mark: ItS big BrAiN tImE

4 weeks ago

No one:

Not a single soul:

Nobody ever:

Mark smmaaaarrt as a whiiiip~~~~

1 month ago

Mark keeps expanding his population, meanwhile his food production isn't stable hahaha

1 month ago

im worried >.> 19:50

1 month ago

9:10 - Is he mixing German with English or just using bad grammar? Mein means my in German

1 month ago

17:42 your welcome

1 month ago

This just turned into “don’t starve”

1 month ago

Pause at 6:15

1 month ago

What eggsactly did markipoop eat in this video?

1 month ago

I T ' S B I G B R A I N T I M E

1 month ago