Extreme Slime Transformation - Slimeatory #570

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Published: 1 week ago
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Testing different glues: http://www.youtubesmov.com/mov/cFm89j_OALW/vid.html?&list=PLAjYx0wXahdaCIqoy86COQUja6-
Testing different glues part 2: http://www.youtubesmov.com/mov/sz0aBlEPa6r/vid.html?&list=PLAjYx0wXahdaCIqoy86COQUja6-UgplOR&index=22
Testing different activators: http://www.youtubesmov.com/mov/0xtW3Ih-vE8/vid.html?&list=PLAjYx0wXahdaCIqoy86COQUja6-UgplOR&index=23
Testing different shaving creams: http://www.youtubesmov.com/mov/oUFjX-Euvde/vid.html?&list=PLAjYx0wXahdaCIqoy86COQUja6-UgplOR&index=19
Testing different clays: http://www.youtubesmov.com/mov/smKVMfY0iHU/vid.html?&index=18&list=PLAjYx0wXahdaCIqoy86COQUja6-UgplOR

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Unicorn tears

6 minutes ago

Ummmi name the Unicorn is Unicorn Fanzy😜

3 hours ago


3 hours ago

I think the app \ game is a slime app

4 hours ago

1st slime should be called COTTON CANDY LAND!!! Also i do agree with Trent Burgess can u do more videos with charlie...

4 hours ago

I'm a really big fan of u and paul💓💓💓💓💜💜💜💛💛💚💚💚💛💜💜💚💜💜💚💛💚💛💜💜💓💛💚💛💓💚💚💓💜💛💜💓💖💓💕💜💖💛💕💓💚💖💜💕💛💛💖💛💖💛💖💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💛💚💜💜💜

5 hours ago

The jelly cube slime should be called unicorn salad

6 hours ago

are your nails real?

7 hours ago

I love slime PLZ PLZ PLZ like my comment

8 hours ago

this is my fav youtuber and I watch like all of your vids

8 hours ago

I think the app is gonna be a slime game
⬇️Like If you think the same.

9 hours ago

Call the unicorn slime unipuff pls

10 hours ago

You should show us what the slimes like when I clear up

11 hours ago

You should name the Rainbow on unicorn Frappuccino

11 hours ago

No offense But its look a t it not look it 🤣

12 hours ago

Love your vid

12 hours ago

I think the app will be a slime making app or a challenge game app you know the last one to leave the bounce houses that would be cool

12 hours ago

Can i get a like

13 hours ago

Slime names!
Slime 1: kawaii cake
Slime 2: galaxy drizzle
Slime 3: cotton candy skies
Slime 4: unicorn swirl
Like if u agree with these names! ;)

14 hours ago

App is about slimes or a bout slimeatory I bet😎😎😎

14 hours ago

You can name the jelly cube one unicorn poop

16 hours ago

This is how much video’s ameerah made

⬇️ wow hopefully we can get more like’s

16 hours ago

75% of the comments are name suggestions for the third slime

16 hours ago

she makes my ears bleed

17 hours ago

What kind of clay do use?

17 hours ago

You are my favorite YouTube channel

18 hours ago

Unicorn cotton candy

18 hours ago

I love your slime videos❤️😃

18 hours ago

Amreeah I love you so much I am your biggest fan 😍😍😍😍😀😀😀

18 hours ago

U didn't do the yellow one

19 hours ago