How To Stop Procrastinating & Be Productive! Back To School 2019

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Published: 5 months ago
11 Productivity Hacks For Students 2019! First Day of School Class Tips and Tricks! We're only a couple days away from the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! How are you feeling? Do you think you're in need of some DIY Productivity Life Hacks? Featured in this video is a complete tips and tricks step by step guide on how to be more productive. These study hacks and motivational tools will help you succeed! Some of the tips include blocking your calendar, setting deadlines earlier and managing your time and studying tips!

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✨How to Wake Up Early & Be Productive
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People that don't have Instagram: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

13 hours ago

What is the app called used for self-notetaking.

14 hours ago

#Natification squad 🦄🌆♣

19 hours ago

3:50 well I'm a hard worker type of student and well ....

I do that because I wanna be first to pass but my MOMMY waits for the deadline so I always ended up last so ..

I always tell her I need it tomorrow and we do it and I say wait it changed its now until 1 more week but I will pass it tomorrow 🤪

1 day ago

Natalie: "Wake up with the sun."
Me: "My room has no windows to the outside. I have a window to my living room."

1 day ago

3:43 RiP Headphone users

2 days ago

We would defo not be allowed to wear headphones in teachers would have a flip attack 😅

2 days ago

When you wake up before the sun 😢

3 days ago

Grammarly is actually so helpful, thank you for the recommendation x

5 days ago


6 days ago


1 week ago

Sadly, our school only makes us wear uniforms..😞

1 week ago

Gutier playera and i'm in 7grade

1 week ago

I need to wake up before the sun

1 week ago

You do realise when we’re under 13 we can’t get instagram. So how are we meant to participate in your giveaway? 😥

1 week ago

Please speak slow just PLEASEE 🥺

1 week ago

Well I am at school by the time the sun is up.

1 week ago

I actually have to be ON the bus before the sun even rises. So.......

1 week ago

2020 anyone?

2 weeks ago

Denis didn’t get paid enough for this 😂

So true, though 😂😂

2 weeks ago

Is it weird that my teachers name is Miss Jenkins and She is also an English teacher?

2 weeks ago

Ok so where my pizza at??

2 weeks ago

I have the same headphones

2 weeks ago

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the pencil on the thumbnail is bent

👇🏻like if u do

2 weeks ago

at 1:56 I saw the yellow sticky note but I already liked it from before so I commented. I loved the video!

2 weeks ago

Love this video

2 weeks ago

How do ppl sit in the back like i could neveeeer im not even smart its just that u cant hear properly u get distracted by what other ppl are doimg like i could never ever sit in the back

2 weeks ago

Oooof when ur name is Felicia

2 weeks ago

What do u recommend for people who have to read 6 books in 2 months

2 weeks ago

99% of the comments: My teacher doesn’t allow headphones!
1% of the comments: Something else

3 weeks ago