Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Is PROOF D&D Are The WORST WRITERS In History

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Published: 2 months ago
Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Was An Absolute Disaster That Without A Doubt Destroyed Any Dignity That Remained In The Series Dan Weiss & David Benioff Are The WORST Writers In Television History

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"You've Known Dumb And Dumber Have Been Shit Since Season 5........ Now Watch Them Become A Woman"
Eman Gameplay -

2 months ago

@Michael K. Just because you or anyone doesn’t like Daenerys , doesn’t mean you can happily go on to prove Benioff and Weiss right or justify their tits and dragons farce who have the mental maturity of a five-year-old cult raised white boy . You're saying that Daenerys’s watching of her brother's death without any qualms was a character foreshadow? The one who threatened to pull out her unborn baby from her womb? Her killing actual rapists and Slavers, freeing slaves was bad? LOL

Read this “It is a cultural tradition: Men of great power become gods; women of great power go insane and become destroyers—who must, in turn, be destroyed by the men who love them.” — Blade of Tyshalle, by Matthew Stover, 2002

Game of Thrones really ended with a dead corpse of a woman whose entire life was dedicated to ending slavery, defending women and children and who wanted to bring peace and FOR WHAT???? for a fucking man fuck this sexist show FUCK D&D

As you can see with the reviews, scores of rotten tomatoes and IBDm of a record low of 4.9/10 …the ending is not good. USA Today called the ending one of the biggest mistake in television history and a “whimper” at best. First Post chose to call it an “Imperfect finale”. The Wired “Endings we chose to believe” because they refuse to believe the show which heralded the second golden age of television dies with an end worse than a C grade horror movie, Telegraph called it “empty”

1 month ago

Went to shit...Jaime, the Night King, Tyrion, Dany, on and on

1 month ago

Anomaly Inc I’m dying to watch it, please hurry, but also take your time to make it good, lol

1 month ago

!00% correct review bro, thank you. D&D shitshow success by them. WTF !

1 month ago to nominate the worst writers for the recognition they deserve?

1 day ago

The ring in the nose looks STUPID!

3 days ago

The audience remembers...

4 days ago

I’ve not rewatched any of season 8 it broke my heart 💔 season 7 can be forgiven (maybe) but fuck u season 8 an if I missed it what happened the the beautiful sand woman that was captured by euron ? I think I missed it but can’t subject myself to watch it again 🖕🏽fuck dumb an dumber

6 days ago

Absolutely agree with an every single word!

1 week ago

I stopped caring about the show after season 4. Everything went downhill except for the all-around inane stupidity, which skyrocketed.

1 week ago

Nobody cares about Arya, Benioff, you stupid fuck, because you butchered her character and made her an infuriatingly smug little shit with invincible plot armor who steals and ruins other people's plotlines. OK, maybe you like her because you're also an infuriatingly smug, plot-stealing-and-ruining little shit as well, but nobody with a brain can stand the unrelatable psychobrat you turned Arya into.

1 week ago

I couldn’t have said it better!!!

1 week ago

You have hit every issue perfectly!!!!!!!!!

1 week ago

Ive never understood disney.. they have this amazing property which they invested hundreds of millions into called Star Wars and what do they do with this brand which has endless potential for great story telling and entertainment? well first off they give it off to EA of all companies to do with it as they like in the video game market and now they hand it off to D&D for movies.. I really dont fucking get it, are they actively trying to get the fans of the biggest franchise in history to hate them?

1 week ago

Seriously man it frustrates me alot too. Old disney wasn't like this. Walt Disney wouldnt allow this bullshit. Fuck Disney MD fuck EA. I haven't played a good starwars game since KOTOR ND the force Unleashed

1 week ago

Emilia Clarke's acting good? WTF? She's awful and cringy. So is Kit Harrington

2 weeks ago

Just a heads up: the name Cian is pronounced Kee-ahn.

2 weeks ago

Your sound mix it’s a mess. The video it’s unwatchable, unfortunately.

2 weeks ago

David is dumb dan is Dumber

2 weeks ago

Sorry but anyone who states that Tyrion and Varys are friends hasn't been paying attention or is just plain blind. Varys has NO friends, he is too smart for that, he's cunning, calculating and objective. He respects Tyrion's intellect and sees him as equal. Same goes for Tyrion, he knows Varys is smart but also dangerous. "Keep Your friends close and Your enemies closer".They both understand each other and respect each other. That's why they have so many great scenes together. Their witty exchanges in early seasons prove that. But that nowhere in hell means that they are friends. Varys helped free Tyrion because Jamie forced him to. Varys didn't even travel east with Tyrion after that.Their less witty exchanges in later seasons only prove the writer's incompetence and the butchering of Tyrion's and Varys' characters. It's like saying that Varys and Littlefinger are friends ....

2 weeks ago

Why dont you just shut your mouth....

2 weeks ago

Its not "Clan" Gaffeny, its Cian (pronounced "Keane") Gaffeny

2 weeks ago

Damn it now I just want to play pokemon

2 weeks ago

Daenerys had always been a psychopath/sociopath and the show writers never left any smart viewers in doubt about it.

Her decision to murder Khal Drogo was the first conclusive evidence for the viewers about her psychopathic/sociopathic nature. The characters in the show were, however, not privy to that information, since she murdered him without witnesses.

But even the characters in the show were revealed her psychopathic/sociopathic nature, when she burnt the Khals alive and returned to Meereen with an army of indiscriminate murderers of non-combatants, including children, and rapists. She was not forced to lead them, she chose to lead them, by burning their Khals alive. She didn't have to burn the Khals, because she had rescue available and she was treated with respect from the moment they came to know she was Khal Drogo's widow i.e. it was not a case of vengeance.

After that event, anyone who continued to root for her was either completely retarded or a psychopath/sociopath themselves.

Daenerys's "concern" for ordinary people? What did they think would happen to the Dothraki women and children once all their men and horses are gone? With no means of survival or defence, they would either starve to death or be enslaved by others. Fine fate to subject them to by the "breaker of chains" "concerned about ordinary people".

Mind you, this was all faithfully adapted from the books. That means, GRRM himself created Daenerys as a Machiavellian psychopath/sociopath.

After that event, smart characters like Varys and Tyrion could not have been blind to her evil nature or stupid enough to believe that she wanted to build a better a world. She was going to invade Westeros with or without them anyway and she will succeed in taking the Iron Throne with or without their help. Their only choice was to stay by her side and contain her or arrange to defeat her if they could.

Tyrion chooses to manipulate her using her need to be loved by the people she rules. When he suggests they take King's Landing using Westerosi forces, she readily agrees because she knows she is not going to win anybody's love if she does that using the dragons and the Dothraki. After the first attempt to sign up Dorne and Reach on her side ends up in disaster for those two, Jon's arrival at Dragonstone presents another opportunity.

What appears to be a harebrained plan by Tyrion, to capture an undead specimen to convince Cersei to join the fight against the undead, could very well be an extremely clever plan to convince Daenerys to delay the taking of King's Landing. Of course, Cersei wouldn't be stupid enough to buy the scale of the threat the undead posed by showing a specimen, but he could convince her to lie about it, which is the only thing that could have happened when he talked to her privately later. If Cersei didn't lie about joining the fight against the undead, Daenerys would immediately launch an attack on King's Landing and Cersei is certain to lose. By lying, Cersei stands a better chance of surviving an attack by depleted forces of Daenerys. Once Daenerys is committed to defending the North from the undead and Jon to fight for Daenerys, Tyrion could reveal the simplest plan to defeat the threat of the undead: seal the bloody tunnel. But what Tyrion couldn't foresee was the dragon donation to the Night King. After that, closing the tunnel won't stop the undead, because they have the means to breach the wall.

Even putting the non-combatants in the crypts was not a bad plan. When they could transport an undead specimen in a wooden crate without it breaking out, why would they expect stone and mortar can't hold them inside even if they are raised by the Night King? Sending the Dothraki to charge and placing the Unsullied outside the walls is the perfect plan if the idea were to deplete as much of Daenerys's troops as was possible before she invades King's Landing. It would also be consistent with Tyrion not responding when Bran claims the Night King is coming for him , Bran. If Bran and not everyone living is the Night King's target, why would they keep Bran at Winterfell and put the lives of everyone else, including non-combatants, at risk? Why not shift him, by air, to one of the now empty, Northern castles? A few defenders could accompany him by air and if the Night King's army turn around and head to Bran's location, they can chase them. If the Night King flies to Bran's location, the defenders meet him alone or with just a few of his White Walkers/undead he could carry, on his own dragon. Why wouldn't a clever man like Tyrion think of that ? Would he reveal it, if he thought of it? Not sure. If the battle against the undead ends without much loss for Daenerys's forces, she will still remain a huge threat to Westeros. It was that threat a clever Tyrion would have been worried about, not Night King or Cersei.

Tyrion couldn't have betrayed Varys to Daenerys, but given him up according to a plan both of them agreed upon earlier, so that he, Tyrion, could continue to enjoy Daenerys's confidence, should Daenerys get wind of Varys's activity. Tyrion reveals to Varys before he is burnt that it was he, Tyrion, who gave him up, to assure Varys that it wasn't Jon and to appear to Daenerys that he, Tyrion, wasn't party to Varys's plan.

Tyrion remains clever throughout the series. Except that, you need to be extremely clever to realise that.

As for how D&D did complete justice to Varys's and Daenerys's characters (Daenerys planned to start the massacre after King's Landing surrendered. This was conclusively demonstrated in Episode 5 and her motivation for it hinted at), as responses to this post.

2 weeks ago

Daenerys planning to massacre King's Landing is clearly demonstrated when she tells Greyworm he will know when to attack , after Tyrion tells her the bells will ring to indicate the city's surrender.

To ensure the city surrenders, she tells Tyrion about Jaime and warns him not to fail her again. She wanted Tyrion to release Jaime on the condition that he would try everything to get the city to surrender. Tyrion's last failure was to get the city to surrender. There was absolutely no other reason for her to tell Tyrion that Jaime was her prisoner. If she were testing Tyrion's loyalty, she would have had another batch of Unsullied with explicit orders to arrest Tyrion and Jaime should Tyrion release Jaime. Not to mention that she had absolutely no reason to doubt Tyrion's loyalty when just a few hours before he betrayed his best friend Varys and implicated himself, when she didn't even suspect either.

As to why she would do that, the answer is hinted at in her conversation with Jon. She says that she has no love in Westeros, only fear. When Jon tells her he loves her, she tries to seduce him and fails, she declares "Let it be fear". What fear was she referring to? No Westerosi seem to fear her, not even when she is about to burn them, like the Tarlies and Varys. Tyrion claims the people of King's Landing support Cersei out of fear, yet they won't even bother to try to escape the city out of fear of Daenerys. But there is one fear she could sense in Tyrion and Varys: fear for the people. That is, while the Westerosi people don't fear her and Lords don't fear her for their own lives, some of the Lords, those that care for the people, fear her for what she might do to the people. It is that fear she intends to instill, by massacring the people of King's Landing after the city surrenders. Let the Lords and Ladies know that it is not just their lives that are at risk should they choose to cross Daenerys, but the lives of all their people as well and this will happen even if they surrender once the fighting begins. That should send chills down their spines.

But the message would be totally lost, if she started the massacre before the city surrendered. For the message to be loud and clear, she needed the city to surrender and the massacre to start after.

Yes, she had a perfectly valid reason, valid but only for a psychopath/sociopath, to massacre people of the city after it surrendered.

2 weeks ago

Varys's actions are completely consistent with his character. Once he realised Daenerys was evil (after her return to Meereen with the Dothraki army), his sole concern could only have been to save Westeros from Daenerys. Quitting Daenerys's employ won't help his goal any. Staying and undermining her would. If Varys were looking for self-preservation, he wouldn't have joined Daenerys in the first place after she promised to burn him if he betrayed her.

So what was Varys planning? Varys was speeding the truth about Jon's birth to all the Lords and Ladies of Westeros. He was writing many such letters, not just one. But why does he need to be at Dragonstone to do that? He doesn't. But there is another thing that he was planning, that requires him to be at Dragonstone: poisoning the dragon(s).

Varys realised that as long as Daenerys had the dragons, few in Westeros will cross her. But if he can successfully kill the dragons by poisoning them and the Westerosi Lords and Ladies knew about Jon's right to the throne, he could expect many of them to choose Jon over Daenerys. When he spoke to Jon at Dragonstone, he wasn't expecting Jon to be convinced. He was conveying to Jon that Jon's right to the throne is now widely known and should he ever feel the need to stake the claim, he will have wide support in Westeros.

When one of his little birds tells him "She is not eating", the reference was to the dragon, not Daenerys. After the death of Viserion north of the wall, we were told the dragons were not eating at Winterfell in Episode 1 of Season 8. That is, dragons mourn the death of a sibling by refusing food. Drogon was not eating because Rhegal died. Since dragons are hermaphrodites, referring to one as a she is as valid as a he.

It was also important for Varys to stay by Daenerys for one more important reason. Should Daenerys come to know of someone spreading the truth of Jon's heritage (if one of the recipients of the information, like Yara or Gendry sounding off Daenerys about it) and Varys is not around, Daenerys would blame Jon or Tyrion and proceed to execute him. Varys being around sacrificing himself was better for his plans to succeed than for him to save his skin. That is the pact he worked out with Tyrion on the way to Dragonstone, that Tyrion would give up Varys, if and when necessary, to retain Daenerys's trust. Tyrion confessing to Varys before his execution was him saying that it was not Jon who betrayed Varys (a horrible suspicion to have before death, that the person who he pinned his hopes on and sacrificing his life for is not worth the trust).

2 weeks ago

Yeah, the ending sucked (I actually hated season 7 more, but that's a different debate).... HOWEVER, saying that D&D are the worst writers in history is just a childish, idiotic statement simply because there's an obvious flaw to that logic... Presumably, you didn't start viewing the show in season eight, so that means you watched eight seasons of a show overseen and largely written by the WORST WRITERS IN HISTORY! How does that work? Were you forced by gunpoint to watch the previous seven seasons? Surely you didn't enjoy all those episodes written by the worst writers in history? What kept you coming back, year after year? Blind devotion to HBO? A fanatic obsession with Emilia Clarke? Look, I agree that D&D made some bad decisions regarding the last two seasons of GoT, but calling them the worst writers in history is just nonsense because the HUGE popularity of the show directly contradicts that notion.

3 weeks ago

People aren't angry with the outcome just how we got there

3 weeks ago

I agree with just about everything you say, Daenerys's character was ruined this season without a doubt, but everything that came before made her quite a likable character. Varys did indeed betrayed her. The scene with the child, varys asked if Daenery has eaten, and when the child says no, he said they'll try again at supper. This is a pretty clear indication that he tried to poison the queen with her meals, which she only managed to evade because she was so overwhelmed with grief. Everything Daenerys did after burning King's Landing was wrong, she became a irredeemable character afterwards, but many characters' decisions that seems to brought about this face-heel turn felt unearned. Jon's almost-dumb level of honesty in revealing his heritage to his sisters were in line with his stark character, but all of the subsequent results (Sansa's immediate betrayal, her general dislike for Daenerys, Tyrion immediately telling Varys, and Varys immediately believing that Daenerys will become a tyrant) felt so artificial, and solely written to turn Daenerys into the "bad guys". Shame on D&D.

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Did anyone besides me notice that as Tyrion's drinking vanished so did his smarts?! SMH:<

3 weeks ago

David Benioff is my vote for the more stupid one.

3 weeks ago

Dumb & Dumber made 6200 fake accounts to dislike this video 👆

3 weeks ago

why doesn't anyone talk about john snow and Dani were banging just like the Lanasters in the first episode

3 weeks ago

Okay well obviously Daenery remembers who killed her father, or at least every other person residing in Westeros does

3 weeks ago

I call them Fuckface and Shithead.

3 weeks ago

You shall be knighted OG Shannon Reynolds

3 weeks ago