this is how i feel right now... | Pogostuck #3

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Published: 1 week ago
Haha lol this is fun hehe this is the best lmao i love pogostuck hah!

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3 hours ago

Can't be that hard lol I bet i can try it lol

6 hours ago

The new joker is apparently asian!

10 hours ago

I still can’t believe people can beat this game in under 4 minutes

12 hours ago

His hair gets angrier every episode! xD

12 hours ago

I heard Mark's little character respond with a little 'yep' after he asked, "Oh really?!"

13 hours ago

Going back was the dumbest decision that Mark has ever made.

13 hours ago

why did it seem like whenever mark went in the direction that could be considered wrong...he dd better.

14 hours ago

Did anyone else notice the glitches at 5:04 and 5:14? Darkiplier?

14 hours ago

Poor Markiplier he's found a game worse then getting over it I'm waiting for him to say MARMALADA or I'm gonna die! 🤣 By the way look at 3:09 it was hilarious

15 hours ago


16 hours ago

2:01 lmao rofl litteraly was getting a snack and started lmao

17 hours ago

3:52 He's officially lost it.

18 hours ago

The moment he started laughing I thought he was gonna cry after it

19 hours ago

Mark has lost it
He now spends his time on the Pogo stick in a mental hospital

19 hours ago

Warning: This games contains
- Rage
- Buying pogo-sticks

19 hours ago

Anyone gonna point out that at the start of the video, Mark has 666 /1100 exp?

20 hours ago

I am back and I’m black! In black, not black!

22 hours ago

Notice: Mark picks up knife off of computer desk as if it's always there...

22 hours ago

Pogostuck destroys friendships

23 hours ago

The stages of Mark's rage
1. Slight annoyance, laughing at his own shortcomings
2.blind rage, yelling, threatening others
4. See stage 2
5. Calms down for a little while, getting better
6. See stage 2 but worse
7. Crying

23 hours ago

16:21 “oh really” “YUP”

1 day ago


1 day ago

18:19 I spit out my drink

1 day ago

I got an ad that said "Frustration" at the beginning of this
How fitting

1 day ago

He needs 2728388328828292983388282828383828 etc meditation classes or whatever their called basically 24/7 then he’ll be calm af when he’s doing that and I think his whole fan base would be confused when he’s calm

1 day ago

Wade should be a metal singer

1 day ago

At 3:35 Mark just pulls out a knife...nobody else thinks that is kinda weird?? XD

1 day ago


1 day ago

Thank you mark. Whenever I’m angry I can watch this and feel better.

1 day ago