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Published: 5 months ago
I can't believe what the girls said to us...

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Sidemen’s video: http://youtubesmov.com/mov/ch83XUiEDDt/vid.html?

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Thanks to Sidemen for the inspiration on this! If you want to watch their video, the link is in the description:) love u guys❤️

5 months ago

Surprise Lexi by asking her to be your bf

1 day ago

@Isma Shahzad lovey

3 days ago

Cool, you're from texas!

5 days ago

Andrew is so so cute

1 week ago

Ben Azelart Andrew is so cute

1 week ago

Not hate comment

2 hours ago

Ben it goes in a scale from 1-10 your 0 cuz I'm the one you need

2 hours ago

Do more

2 hours ago

B Gandhi foggy f gjf

3 hours ago

Lmao everyone working so hard come up with good lines while Mason is just say “your pretty “ for every girl

6 hours ago

Almost every girl call u young Ben

8 hours ago

The one that in white shirts is cute
I am her tenn kid

8 hours ago

I would slipe yes on Brent, Mason, Ben

8 hours ago

Isn’t Ben dating Lexi ???

9 hours ago

I hate stef

10 hours ago

i'd swipe yes on brent and mason

12 hours ago

You realise you did the arm roll at the end on perfect beat

13 hours ago

I would pick brent or andrew

15 hours ago

Brent won

16 hours ago

Ben how are you only 17 years old you look like you are 22 years old

17 hours ago

Brent has a girlfriend

19 hours ago

I get why Andre swiped left. Because he's unattainable. Like c'mon. That face. Gorgeous.

20 hours ago

Ben:So why did you say no to us?
Lanchen:Well because you're way too young and he's prettier than me 😂😂😂

22 hours ago

your ugly

23 hours ago

lol! for andrew she was like: you look like you cry too much

1 day ago

Ben the question shouldn't be "why didn't you pick us" the question should be "why didn't you choose ANDREW " LOL 😂

1 day ago

Wait I'm not sure is Brent really 21

1 day ago

bro, im a minor, bens a minor...
i must be a miner cuz ima diggin in ur eyess

i make no sense-

1 day ago

Brent is LITERLY getting all da girls and andrew is not getting anyone lol xDDD

1 day ago

This is before my birthday my birthday what on September 7

1 day ago

I live in the same state as Gia

1 day ago

I broke up with my girlfriend because I'm too young so we will be together in 3 years

1 day ago

Technically they can all be her brother

1 day ago

I love ur vids

1 day ago