My Girlfriend & I Buy WEIRD Nintendo Switch Accessories!

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Published: 1 month ago
Sponsored By SKILLSHARE - First 500 People Get 2 Months FREE! CLICK - - My Girlfriend (Fiancee) bought me STRANGE & OBSCURE Nintendo Switch ACCESSORIES! Subscribe maybe! Smallest Amiibos! FAKE Nintendo accessories!

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8-Bitdo Switch PS4 Controller Connector -

Thin Clear Switch Case -

Pokeball Carry Case -

Car Mount -

Mario Overall Carry Case Thing -

Charging Station Tower -

Small Amiibos -

REAL Wood Switch cases -

Levah Switch Case -

All those asking what I use to make my videos, I made a list 😃

Capture Card:

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We always have a LOAD of fun making these videos! Hope you have fun watching it! SMASH DAT LIKE BUTTON & SUBSCRIBE MAYBE IF YOU WANNA!


Sponsored By SKILLSHARE - First 500 People Get 2 Months FREE! CLICK -

1 month ago

I bought the wood case!

15 hours ago


1 week ago

you look kinda like an Australian wulff den

3 weeks ago

@BeatEmUps if you go to gamestop you can get different colored joy con straps made by Nintendo

1 month ago

Are u Canadian

3 hours ago

Does the adapter only work for ps4

3 hours ago

it smells like a new car in there mr stark

8 hours ago

“Contains your ball but doesn’t charge your ball”
-Wood Beatemups 2019

9 hours ago

You know, after you each tried on the Zelda covers, you should have SWITCHED them to see how they look on each other's console 😉 ... I'm sorry for this pun

11 hours ago

I actually bought the amiibo cards after your video 😂

1 day ago

So he put a condom on his switch... that’s cool

1 day ago

Do anyone wonder why her spatula is bent? No? Just me? Ok. But it's going to be a hard pass for me. If the switch can do everything then what's the point of getting a lite? That's like downgrading from a 5 star hotel to a motel 😂😂

1 day ago

Hey it's mike with become the knight here

1 day ago


1 day ago

My favorite is the mini ammibo cards and the real wood case ;).

1 day ago

I think you meant Sheikah

1 day ago

I wish my gf was that hot. If I was a white man i would get hot white chicks. I hate life

1 day ago

real wood zelda case!

1 day ago

Your blue switch almost looks like a Sheikah Slate with the wood case. I would love to see a special edition Sheikah Slate Switch

2 days ago

Actually the keyboard would be super cool for monster hunter GENU online

2 days ago

Nfc technology ftw
Little amibo cards are amazing

2 days ago

I literally have 3 switch games and no joy cons by little brother broke them. I can't wait til Christmas cuz then all the games are mine!!!!

2 days ago

where are the links?

3 days ago

the 8-Bitdo Switch PS4 Controller Connector is awesome, i'm definitely getting one

3 days ago

I own two and use them everytime friends come over so we can play local coop games on switch or steam.

I mainly use them to connect my 2 dualshocks to my pc for coop play, but it's perfect for the switch games as well and it's one of my favorite purchases.

3 days ago

Gamer goals

3 days ago

Is Third Eye Blind still a thing?

3 days ago

that usb stick you had to connect the ps4 controller to the switch, does that work for xbox one controllers?

3 days ago

his gf is hot af, lucky dude

4 days ago

Wait, who is the girl?

4 days ago

I have the amiibo cards, but they're regular sized. And yes, they do work, specifically for BOTW.

4 days ago

I have T-Mobile and unlimited to lol

4 days ago

Scarborough Faire is a renaissance fair in Texas

4 days ago

I feel like Kimberly is sitting there thinking "You spent our money on this...?"

4 days ago

my GIRLFRIEND and .........

4 days ago