The Try Guys Get Nail Extensions

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Published: 9 months ago
The guys get gorgeous nail extensions for the first time and experience the struggle first-hand. Will they nail it and survive wearing them for an entire night?

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Michelle Won

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Aprés Nail
Gel-X Soft Gel Nail Extension System
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12:52 Ned:It's about 5 A.M. in the morning

5 minutes ago

This video is Zach coming out as holosexual.

1 hour ago

You have to watch Cristine how she use use her hands with long ass nails.

3 hours ago

ok well zachs a holosexual in my mind. yall should collab with simplynailogical 😎😎

4 hours ago

Zach became holosexual in this vid

6 hours ago

Zachary is the Male version of cristine

7 hours ago

Zach: confirmed holosexual

9 hours ago


12 hours ago

join the holo community zach

13 hours ago

i like how zach described it "unicorn vomited"

13 hours ago

(Zach lying about Maggie): I don’t have anyone to show my nails to except Bowie
Also Zach: Gets random grocery store lady to admire his nails

14 hours ago

O H M Y G O D Zach is a holo sexual I can’t

16 hours ago

“It’s about 5 am in the morning” Ned 2018

16 hours ago

If a straight guy comes here to get his nails done rather than just a simple clean up manicure...

I don’t care what anyone says, he’s on the DL.

16 hours ago

man, even when I was doing fake nails I still never let them come past the tips of my fingers more than a tiny bit, and they still got in the way. straight up nail polish is way, way more manageable.

16 hours ago

Zach needs to meet Cristine from simplynaillogical. HE'S A HOLOSEXUAL!!! 💿💿💿

17 hours ago

Zach should try ouji Lolita if he likes looking cute 💮

18 hours ago

ItS nOT a PRoblEm aNyMORe

20 hours ago

They're SO dramatic about having nails! Mine are super long and it's not that hard to live life. I do wear contacts, I have 3 children, my nails are natural and haven't had a single break in a year. IT'S NOT THAT HARD!!!

21 hours ago

Thats cause ur used to them lol its kinda hard and mine are not even that long

6 hours ago

When you realise Zach is a Holo sexual...

22 hours ago

"Because it's fAnCy bEcKy"

23 hours ago

Zack has hitch hiker thumb, so do I

23 hours ago

Are they all gay

1 day ago

theyre like the boy band of youtube

1 day ago

💿Cristine would be so proud of Zach, not only does he like tea but he might also be holosexual💿

1 day ago

Ned-I have to hold chopsticks with my nuckels
Random women approaching

1 day ago

I love getting scratched with acrilic nails

1 day ago

4:43 . Holosexual spotted.

1 day ago

Zach honey, if a uni corn threw up on your nails there would probably be more rainbows

1 day ago

can we appreciate how cute ned looks in overalls?

1 day ago