Robocalls: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Опубликовано: 2 weeks ago
Robocalls are a growing problem. If only we could make the FCC care a little bit more about fixing it.

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I stopped answering my business phone now... Business going off

24 minutes ago


If you aren’t contacting me through text, I know for a fact that I don’t know you because everyone knows I don’t do phone calls!

35 minutes ago

John Oliver deserves public office

1 hour ago

Just be morman

1 hour ago

God bless John Oliver 😘🌺💖🕊🌞🏆❤️🇺🇸💕😅🎁🎊🎉

1 hour ago

Looks like we have a 3rd reason to play "The FCC Song" from Family Guy.
- (OG) FCC being stupid on TV.
- Net neutrality.
- These damned robocalls.

1 hour ago

"RoboKiller" Fantastic app.

2 hours ago

He didn’t actually robo call the chairs of the FCC did he?

3 hours ago

u are gg to get your ass struck by a drone soon if you are not careful

4 hours ago

John, you should now admit you were wrong about Trump. The fakeness of your show is now tainted in my eyes. I'm sorry because I like your show. But, if you don't do a whole episode on how CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NPR, NBC, CBS, and all the MSM news outlets 86ing Fox News (I can't believe I said that fu(k fox news) are fake news and should be shamed for the fake news they feed the public. You are shame John Oliver. You are shame shame you are shame shame shame, You are shame. Or you should do a whole show based on Tool Time with Tim Allen, Al Borland and Wilson. lol

4 hours ago

Hello Vlad, sorry but FOX is FAKE NEWS and TRUMPTARD is a LIAR and a FAKE PRESIDENT, eh.

1 hour ago

fumble sound effects

4 hours ago

Can I just say... That woman who wouldn't say "I am not a robot" was probably working in one of those call centers that have strictly scripted responses. They are not allowed to say things off script at all

8 hours ago

All calls go straight to voicemail.

10 hours ago

I like his segments a lot but the jokes....omg... they are so bad. Watermeloning? Are the writers of these jokes 12? He has a very interesting show and it's well researched but it's always interrupted with bad jokes. It seems to me they are treating the audience with no respect if they have to explain in such a juvenile manner. British humor in one of the best in the world, well known for its whit,maybe he can use that to help the show make more intelligent jokes that treat the viewer with the respect.
Remember, being loud is not always funny...

11 hours ago

I block the number, but they just call (same message) on a different number.

11 hours ago

...and: setting up robocalls to "the 5 FCC commissioners?" great idea, John!..even better? include their personal cell phone and home phone numbers, as it like north korea, too: also include the numbers of their spouses and their adult children....yes, "if only there was a way..." as John Oliver contemplates what to do. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

12 hours ago

yep, Susan Collins is such an ultra-conservative schill, so dishonest..and does not care one iota about the safety of women re: misogyny and rape. she sickens me.

she pretended to not know what she'd do with her kavanaugh vote..then, at the 'final hour,' voted to confirm that grotesque could anyone, let alone any female, ever trust that little b.??

does she have daughters? grand or god-daughters?? she voted against their safety and/or that of any girls, baby-girls and women she would claim to care about by endorsing kavanaugh & his kind: fake, wannabe 'men.'

she's disgusting, they're both sociopaths..she's supposed to represent all of her constituents and care about them and has a duty to help keep them safe..but she does not care to do it. she's not at all protective of the vulnerable and those who have already been victims.

no way does she have a soul..trump and kavanaugh are the kind of 'men' she thinks are best examples of men..and that is how politically, psychologically and socially corrupt she purely evil she is because that's how she rolls.

12 hours ago

This man is a hero lol

15 hours ago

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is the Deadpool of Television.

17 hours ago

FCC isn’t going to do shit about it because Ajit Pai is too busy fucking over consumers.

17 hours ago

John Oliver reminds me I’m not alone with my petty issues

18 hours ago

17:21 Pai's Cell phone: omae wa mou shindeiru
Pai: NANI???

19 hours ago

13:16 Goober alert xD

19 hours ago


22 hours ago

From 8:46 to 10:00 is the story of my life 😂😂

22 hours ago

I find it strangely coincidental that I ended up getting a robocall while watching this.

22 hours ago

Funniest shit. While I was watching this I got one of these fuckin calls

22 hours ago

It would be hilarious if you encourage your viewers to sign up all the politican offices they can for robo calls. Maybe even put a list of all their office numbers up on your website.

23 hours ago

I've gotten calls about how my children are at great risk for catching diseases and that they need healthcare to help them when the crisis hits.

I've never been pregnant.

1 day ago

Oh, that is so perfect!

1 day ago