I Wore A Haunted Necklace For A Week

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Published: 1 week ago
"It has a style, it has a look, it has bad energy."

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Jennifer Shaffer


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3 minutes ago

What do you guys do at work because it makes me wonder what you do because it looks like your having fun and i want to work there~ love you guys!

9 minutes ago


9 minutes ago

sis be lookin like mario

9 minutes ago

I ♡ u

14 minutes ago

“You have other friends”😂😂 mann black ppl not wit all that demonic shii

16 minutes ago

God said get the f$&@k out😂😂 I’m done😂

18 minutes ago

Brohhhhh my battery was 80 and now its 70

31 minutes ago

Can I have the necklace?

33 minutes ago

So I have this weird thing, im a christian. I always wore a christian necklace that I got from grandma. But ive struggled with seeing things I shouldnt see for a long time, and everything felt linked to the cross, because it got more agressive if I wear the necklace (which i did everyday for many years), I even have a video when I was alone, and a voice talkes to me out of no where, and that happend twice?!! , and when I took it off, I stopped seing anything things and hearing things... So I always tell myself I dont believe in this things, but can demons posess in necklaces? or is only houses? what do you believers think?

42 minutes ago

"Omg you have to wear the neclace for a week... Thats tragic"

54 minutes ago

I love Shane Dawson to😂♥️

1 hour ago

Joyce and Jazz: Ryan

Lindsay: Shayne

1 hour ago

i got a headache watching this............ 😬🙈🧐

1 hour ago

Keep it just in case so that way you won’t upset the demons and there is a lower chance of someone finding it and something bad happens to them.

1 hour ago

OMG!! My phone is at 5% right now and it was just like literally at 100%,!!

1 hour ago

Wait do u have a dog because I saw something move in the mirror behind u

1 hour ago

The psychic made me very sus of everything now

2 hours ago

My house might be haunted lmao. I dont know though. I mean- one day my radio turned on in the kitchen, and my cabinet keeps opening by itself and the night the radio turned on, I heard footsteps.

2 hours ago

When she said what was that my dog ran away😬😃

2 hours ago

Even looking at it through a phone screen I instantly thought it was costume jewellery I wont lie. I remember I got my mum a sterling silver necklace that was similar but more modern looking and it had the same sort of look about it. I'd say you can either keep it or chuck it with no worries. Also message that ebay seller her she clearly conned you!!!!

2 hours ago

2:49 - 3:07 LMAO ME😂😂😂

2 hours ago

The camera DID start going down when it was pointed at it. So, a witch probably put a spell for that only, just so it seems believeable?
Or maybe a sleepy ghost/demon

IF a demon does possess it later, i don't think buryal will do much, unless if it's done by candles and salt

2 hours ago

i absolutely am in love with Jazz’s neon outfit at the end of the video!!

2 hours ago

If you think hiking for 3 hours is a lot, honey I hiked for 7 Hours

2 hours ago

Jazz: I'm here!

3 hours ago

last day jazz is a green lanter woman

3 hours ago

When the psychic couldn't pick up the energy of the necklace😱😅😑

4 hours ago

I love how casually she said the intro 😂😂😂

4 hours ago

You: Alexa do you know if my necklace is hunted
You: Me neither that was funny

5 hours ago