Is The iPad Pro Worth Laptop Money?

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Published: 9 months ago
Unboxing the 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch and 12.9 inch. Is the iPad Pro a computer yet? Can it replace a MacBook?

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9 months ago


5 days ago

Unbox Therapy dddddddddddd

3 weeks ago

I am a big fan of apple..Can you give me a Iphone Xs😞😞..

1 month ago

No buy a surface pro

2 months ago

I’ve always thought an iPad/Tablet is a giant phone that can’t make calls.

1 minute ago

me trying to get that 120 Hz iPad screen experience on my 60 Hz monitor

5 hours ago

Good review. I can’t wait for my new IPad Pro :)

7 hours ago

whats the kind of the dog?

17 hours ago


1 day ago

Man this iPad pro is not good when it comes to durability. My brother sat on it by mistake and it broke into 2 piece's...

1 day ago

The drawing looks like Pikachu

1 day ago

My question is regarding playing pubg mobile game on iPad pro 11. I have issue regarding charging and using the headphone with microphone to have communications between team mates. I tried using type C USB to aux and USB C. But the problem is, I can't talk with friends with this set up. Till now I used Bluetooth headphones. But I don't get the best experience with it. Because there is a delay in the voice. So hear enemies foot steps bit later then it should be, which effects my response time. Overall, I wish to play pubg on iPad while charging and using aux headphone with microphone. Can you please help me in regards to my situation? I sincerely appreciate that and I will share to those who have similar problem like me. Thank you

1 day ago

Bigger The Better

1 day ago

You looks like Elizabeth Zak brother😳

1 day ago

Can I have one??

1 day ago

Willie fucken doo ladies and gentlemen.

1 day ago

I prefer actual laptops. I dont like the feeling of using an ipad with like leather keyboard or something

2 days ago

If you don’t use it, let me haha

2 days ago

Can I have one?

2 days ago

can i have that pls🥺🙂

2 days ago

Still using the original iPad Mini

2 days ago

6:54 lets be honest that wow and zoom is something straight out of the office

2 days ago

If I purchased the 10.5, pen and a cover, I'd have enough money for maybe a weeks worth of.... BROTH. I need to wait for iOS 13, a real FILE SYSTEM, then I'd jump in....

3 days ago

Is the bigger one 12.9 inch?

3 days ago

Itz LiamSky Papa Yes

1 day ago

Send ipad please

3 days ago

no its not

3 days ago

Ебать ты мерзкий пидар)))

4 days ago

wauw willy did a number on u bro hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahh u go willy

4 days ago

Only worthy Apple product

4 days ago

من اجمل الحلقات

4 days ago

Hey Lew I am Rahat. Hey man pls don't use the damn thing. It bends very easily.

5 days ago

Give me one of them Bro......

5 days ago

Lovely dog! Thanks for the great content - it is awesome!

5 days ago