iPhone 11 Impressions: A Familiar Sequel!

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Published: 6 days ago
iPhone 11 is actually... CHEAPER than the XR it replaces. What a time to be alive.

iPhone 11 Pro video: http://youtubesmov.com/mov/QoyLB74Vrk5/vid.html?

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Night mode not being able to be turned on when you want and only when apple thinks its right? Thats peak apple.

48 minutes ago

How do I get that wallpaper! 6:10

59 minutes ago


1 hour ago

can someone tell what colour is that on 3:20? is it the purple or white? tia

3 hours ago

iPhone 11 starts at ₹64900 in India which is roughly $900! Apple ripping Indian customers smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

4 hours ago

I'm not buying another iphone until they bring back the home button with the fingerprint.

4 hours ago

Should I purchase an iPhone XR or iPhone 11?

6 hours ago


7 hours ago

iphone just recycled their unbuy phones

7 hours ago

Nice video. Thinking about upgrading my iPhone 8 Plus to the 11 or 11 Pro...

7 hours ago

An HD phone in 2019😂😂😂

7 hours ago

Well nvm I will stick with galaxy note 10

8 hours ago

im waiting my new iphone 11 for the 1st time... i chose white-128Gb... 😍
3 days left...

8 hours ago

Can a iPhone 8 case fit in the iPhone 11 case

9 hours ago

Why would you purchase a iPhone 11 when AT&T’s G5 internet is being rolled out nationwide next year. I will be waiting to purchase an iPhone with the fastest new G5 technology.

10 hours ago

Why seem like new thing on iPhone is all old stuff on Android

11 hours ago

what about the faster LTE?

11 hours ago

This price drop just shows how much money they probably made of the XR. Cost of production especially with the lower quality display is probably insanely low.

11 hours ago

It is disaster!

12 hours ago

Very nice phone for the price considering what jesus phone X sold for at launch two years ago

12 hours ago

6:18 Eight awesome angles!

12 hours ago

I have a xiaomi mi max 3 larger screen +7,2 bigger battery 5500 mah additional memory sd and i could buy 6 more in the price of an iphone .... Of 2017.

12 hours ago

Omg poor Steve if u could only knew what the fuck they have done to your inventions... Stockholders have taken control and now they make cameras on your iPhone.

13 hours ago

The only problems I have is
1. Slow charging speed
2. The lighting cable
3. The aspect ratio is a little wide. I think longer phones are more beautiful now adays. That so little complain compared to other phone because almost everything is ideal if not for the prices.

13 hours ago

Price??? You can buy two super mobiles for that money like xiaomi m8 ???

13 hours ago

Apple should’ve just made a new camera not a phone

13 hours ago

Remember it's got 4gig ram vs the 3gig ram on the xr. I feel this is nice phone that are reasonably priced plus IOS is supported for a long time. So this phone might last 4 years. That is a smart buy in the long run.

14 hours ago

Hey guys pls help haha should I buy the black one or white one? 👀

14 hours ago

Why you make video of same tech? Go through Xiaomi Mi A3

15 hours ago

Should I go for a refurbished Iphone X or a 11 ?

16 hours ago