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Published: 1 week ago
Joker Review. Joaquin Phoenix vs Heath Ledger Dark Knight Joker, Joker Story Changes, The Batman, Justice League and Wonder Woman 1984 Continuity ►
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Covering Joker Movie Review. Batman Joker Story Changes, The Dark Knight Joker Heath Ledger, other Joker versions comparison. Justice League DCEU, Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman Robert Pattinson, Birds of Prey Movie continuity Explained. Future DC Comics Black Label R Rated Movies and the future of Joaquin Phoenix Joker. Be sure to go see the movie!

I'll do my Joker Movie Easter Eggs and Ending Scene Breakdown videos this weekend. So be sure to go see the movie!

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Here's my *Joker Movie Review*. Be sure to go see the movie this weekend and post your reactions in the comments! Please use spoiler tags until after the weekend. I'll do Joker Easter Eggs videos this weekend too!

1 week ago

Thank you for your review, it's dead on.

10 hours ago

I'm amazed how people get the wrong impression of Dark Night. In the movie the

Joker shows Batman how similar they are because they both don't follow the rules and how good and bad it is very subjective and interpretive. It's a movie that can question whether a vigilante really is the best solution for that society despite the crimes.

3 days ago

@J Wavy the reason why the left is freaking out is because the joker gangs say and act just like antifa in the real world....anyone who calls out leftist crap these days in media they try to literally happened to Dave Chappelle newest special last month... tens of thousands of viewers gave it 90+% on rotten tomatoes...the expert media critics had it at 0% because Chapelle offended people who can't figure out basic biology.

5 days ago

Watched it a couple of hours back . Its amazing . slightly boring I'm the beginning but it ended on a high note.

1 week ago

I give this movie a 9 would've give it a 10 if Joker was actually more of a mastermind but not recognized as one because of being socially awkward until he takes revenge.

1 hour ago

i like this review and summary straightforward and clear 👍🏼

1 hour ago

You are wrong. This film is brilliant A+. Best film in years.

2 hours ago

my favorite scene is the end, where the mob frees him and he stands on the cop car. Scene is amazing.

3 hours ago

This movie is truly outstanding compared to what we are used to. I believe that Arthur Fleck was better than Jack Napier. AF didn't kill the Waynes, so in a Batman / Joker future movie, they can say Jack was inspired by Arthur. A Copy-Cat version of Fleck only absolutely sinister vs mental.

3 hours ago

I completely agree that Phoenix's performance is the true highlight and a joy to watch in the squirmy type of way. People who appreciate this film will understand that elements of the film is meant to challenge you to break from your everyday bubble and see people who aren't "normal" in a different light. Sometimes a simple acknowledgement can change a person's psyche. On the other hand, folks who will not like this film are likely to continue to live in their bubble, ignoring the challenges that society has placed on individuals who have mental issues. I came into it with no expectations, and even though I still hold Ledger's performance as the GOAT for Joker renditions, but Phoenix's is also excellent and worthy of an Oscar nomination.

4 hours ago

After watching the movie, I learned to watch my mouth and think before saying a word to another person. It changed my perspective of treating people, made me less judgemental, toned down my arrogance. I refer this change in attitude as "peaceful" which is ironic considering what the media portrays about the movie.

4 hours ago

And of course it may all be a story he's telling to the psychiatrist at Arkham just to make fun for her. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T MAKE A SEQUEL! Don't even use this guy in a Batman movie! He won't fit. And the Joker Joker is a guy who gets actual white skin and green hair anyway, not makeup.

4 hours ago

So far, I think Phoenix should win as best actor, unless something very special comes along. And NO, it won't be the Adam Sandler movie, because he's just horrible and can only play himself as the "poor misunderstood underdog who then proves he's the most awesomest guy evah!"

4 hours ago

When The Joker laughs in this movie you can feel the sadness and it made you feel for the Joker. And Thomas Wayne was an a$$hole in this movie.

5 hours ago

5:38 "This movie is just so much more serious."
2012 Joker: Why so serious?

6 hours ago

I love what Jack Nicholson said what he feels the joker is; he said he’s a psychotic version of bugs bunny and I stopped and thought about it and said yeah he’s right at least the original joker is and that will always be my favorite joker: crazy and comical at the same time

8 hours ago

Joker > EndGame
Marvel:- EndGame is the best film of 2019
DC:- Send In The Clowns 🤡

8 hours ago

This movie was dark. My jaw dropped a few times. It was a great film, great performance.

9 hours ago

I think this movie truly is a great talking piece for how mental illness is handled and the whole "are pyschopaths born or a product of their environment?" debate. It speaks a lot about other social issues as well, like idolization of the wealthy vs stigmatization of the poor, socially funded programs, and general treatment of mental illness. It's interesting to think about how maybe Arthur would not have turned out to be the Joker had people just /cared/ about him and had there been access to better resources for him and had he not endured such trauma at a young age—but also, maybe he would have regardless. I also really liked how the unreliable narrator aspect makes you look back on other events of the film and makes you wonder if they all happened as they appeared, not with the girl down the hall.


A hot take (??)—maybe the whole thing with Arthur's mom and Thomas Wayne was meant to be an example of how if you have enough money, you can make anything happen. Who's really to say that Arthur was adopted? Maybe they did have an affair, they signed a non-disclosure agreement, Arthur was born and Thomas Wayne paid people off to say he was adopted. I know the timeline is kinda funny considering she ends up in the asylum when Arthur is about four, but maybe she kept harrassing him and he paid more people to lock her up and say she was crazy for saying they had an affair. 🤷🤷🤷

Ok spoiler done

Anyway I loved the movie. Completely put me in a trance. Joaquin Phoenix is incredible.

9 hours ago

Thomas wayne in batman movies : a loving young dad
Thomas wayne in joker 2019 : scumbag

10 hours ago

Joakin is soo oddly handsome!! 😳😉
Even in the cartoon joker batman 2face & harlequin...all of thm were eventually committed to an insane asylum 4 the criminally insane 🤔

11 hours ago

People, other than 3 months period of fame and that very common feeling to "be in the group" are you really sure this Joker character deserves that all attention = money????? Think about it, it's only a cartoon drawing from a comic book!!! And you are adults now, aren't you?? So.. do I still normal if I prefer this excitement from the kiss of a woman rather than from a clown of a movie..?? What would Pennywise say now??? Wasn't that your proud-to-be fan clown of..???

14 hours ago

So are joker and Batman brothers. Could it be that Tom Wayne and his party made jokers mom crazy on purpose since he was a political figure and they couldn’t tarnish his reputation

17 hours ago

Honestly I really loved this movie, it was such an interesting spin of the character, I hope they do more movies with him.

17 hours ago

The acting and cinematography is up there with the greats like true detective season 1 only. This movie will become timeless. A fucking +++ movie.

18 hours ago

Joker doesn´t have an origin because he is the archtype of evil...he´s not human which is why this film makes no sense. They want to humanize joker and well no.

19 hours ago

it was great, a welcome deviation from the comic book movies we're used to

19 hours ago

Favorite Joker moment is the interrogation scene from the Dark Knight

19 hours ago

I want a Joker focused sequal. I want to watch him grow.

20 hours ago

I've never been a Joker fan, but this version is amazing. Truly impressive. Joaquin Phoenix is brilliant!

21 hours ago

I feel like the movie is an easy A+, definitely not a B. It is a crafted film. In my opinion a masterpiece

21 hours ago

But I thought joker name was Jerome levaske

21 hours ago

Very accurate rating and depiction of the movie - I saw it yesterday. It is very good , disturbing and is extremely realistic in painting how The Joker evolved into the sinister clown he has represented for decades. One must keep in mind the comic and how the film is trying to quantify Arthur’s disturbing downward spiral into madness.

22 hours ago