Thermoelectric Cooling is a Bad Idea

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Published: 1 month ago
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People keep emailing us saying “Hey Linus, you should look at Peltier Coolers!” – and I’ve finally given in, so here is a video about why it’s a bad idea.

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you can judge a bad solder by the amount of electrical tape haha

6 seconds ago

Nice Vincero watches!
Great for using in a blender or shredder.

Btw, the Germans used peltier elements on their u-boats to produce electricity from heat difference between the water and the u-boat itself.
That way it's thermal footprint was lower/smaller, making it harder to detect by enemies and it didn't need to go to surface for replacing batteries.

22 hours ago

Can’t decide which one of you is a bigger moron.

1 day ago

Everyone cringing every time they pronounce it "tech"

2 days ago

Ok so now you need to make a block to cool another block to see if two loops combine can be magic, or would it equal two sets of radiators on the same loop?

2 days ago

If power was no object you could end up with a super cool and quiet rig if you added enough of them

2 days ago

Thermoelectric cooling will never be worth it. You have to not only get rid of the heat of the CPU, but you also have to get rid of the heat the Peltier is adding to the system before you see any measurable benefits. If you use a 500W Peltier, then you have to get rid of that 500W too.

3 days ago

Should left the radiator hooked up while doing the peltier loop and seen what the results were.

3 days ago

Tl;Dw buy an air cooler.

3 days ago

have you tried to slow down the flow rate? maybe giving the chillers more time to cool the water may help? i understand it will also give the CPU more time to heat the water up but maybe it will make a difference over all..

4 days ago

Is there any benefit of cooling a cpu and gpu below ambient say maybe 10 degrees celsius under overclocked load instead of 30 to 80 or whatever above ambient degrees celsius?

Maybe longer life or better efficiency? I also don’t see the tec’s as stand alone coolers, they are more inefficient than radiators above room temperature, yes, but because radiators cannot cool to or below room temperature, tec’s are therefore more efficient there.

Just not sure if there is a benefit. Also not sure if a better build with tec’s is to use the water cooling blocks on top of the tec’s and cpu to water cool the peltier, keep the size and noise down, as well as get the cpu below room temperature or to put the tec at the end of a radiator loop with some 6 heat pipe tower heat sinks where the tec chills room temp water from the radiator below ambient before it passes through the cpu and gpu and even to cram a peltier and water block inbetween the gpu and cpu to flash chill the water between the systems and to make use of the small size of the modules. Another system is to carry a double stack radiator with one water loop for cooling peltiers and another loop for bringing water to room temp with maybe an electric valve switch to either go below ambient or turn off the peltier and route water from the peltier cooling loop to the central loop when overclocking. Long story short, anyone investing in water cooling isn’t exactly a budget builder and will pay a few extra buckaroos for space saving, lower noise, and looking for whatever air cooling cannot deliver

Also, get yourself a krimping kit, like cheap dupont 2.54mm connectors if soldering is not your thing :p

4 days ago

If one tower is the hot side and the other one is the cold size then the fan must be put in place so it pulls from the cold side and pushes to the hot side

4 days ago

seen your video on concrete cooling just an idea concrete cooling block maybe????

5 days ago

I am absolutely certain that the thermoelectric cooler will run perfectly on AMD processors. After all, they consume a great deal less power and run much cooler than comparable Intel parts. If I had to live and work in Antarctica, I would use only Intel. They are very efficient room heaters, especially the i9 9900K.

5 days ago

Next Bad Idea: Put a Bluetooth speaker in a CPU cooler!

5 days ago

What kind of thermal camera is he using??

5 days ago

Ultra Chilltec thermal electric cpu cooler came out in 2007, had a 5.25 bay to control the TEC, while using air cooling.
I am still using this on my older P4 dual core.. Old School. Runs at 32 F.


* Socket Types: Intel Socket 775, AMD Socket AM2 / 754 / 939 / 940

* Cooler Dimensions: 128 x 104 x 147

* Thermoelectric Chip: 40 x 40 / 12V DC

* Total Power Dissipation:

0% Load = 5 W

50% Load = 28 W

100% Load = 50 W

* Heatsink Material: 4 Heat Pipes, Aluminum Fins, Copper Base

* Heatsink Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 160 mm

* Fan Dimensions: 92 x 92 x 25 mm

* Fan Voltage Rating: 12V DC

* Fan Speed and Noise Levels:

Low 2000rpm / 20 dB(A)

Medium 2400 rpm / 24 dB(A)

High 2800 rpm / 28 dB(A)

* Thermal Resistance: 0.12-0.15(ºC/W)

* Weight: 985g (With Fan)

* Temperature Monitor Range: 0ºF~99ºF / 32ºF ~ 210.2ºF

* TEC Temperature Response Time to Control Unit: < 1 Second

* Controller Dimensions: 150 x 147 x 43 mm

* Controller Weight: 508 g


5 days ago

Linus appears to be wearing different clothes after every cut to show off the merch :)

5 days ago

we just need a miniature black hole to suck all the excess heat.

5 days ago

Vincero? What is this lovelliveserve?

6 days ago

2 questions. Does anyone know what type of laptop Alex is using, and does anyone know the specs of the rig they are testing the cooler on?

6 days ago

Perhaps it's not mature technology? WTF, it was invented in 1838!

6 days ago

Have a try to put the peltier after a radiator. That must work better. (Since that means we simply have extra cooling)

6 days ago

Wouldn't you get the most out of this by cooling the radiator?? You know so the heat goes into the air not back into the system..

6 days ago

try cascade phase change next.

6 days ago

because its too expensive to run..if you can manage to run it at all XD its still not mature enough XD

6 days ago

Oof that soldering at 11:13 hurt my soul boys. Get some flux on those joints!

6 days ago

"oh pinch it pinch it.. wait wait don't lift that up" - Linus

6 days ago

What if you use the 2 aquarium coolers in line with a radiator to cool the water coming out the cold side of the radiator then run it to the cold side of the cpu block and so on

6 days ago

u cant use thermo plate one side is cold but other side is hot ..

6 days ago