Honest Trailers | Aladdin (2019)

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Published: 5 days ago
For a soulless corporate remake cash grab - not bad!
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Honest Trailers | Aladdin (2019)
Title Design by Robert Holtby
Epic Voice Guy: Jon Bailey
Produced by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, & Max Dionne
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
Edited by Kevin Williamsen



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What Disney movie should absolutely not be given the "live-action" remake?

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5 days ago

Toy Story.

1 hour ago


12 hours ago


21 hours ago

Screen Junkies lilo and stitch

23 hours ago

@Tate langdon that would be good!!

1 day ago

I think Aladdin is the best of the Live Action Remakes

57 minutes ago

Do Spider Man Far From Home and can I be In The Intro

1 hour ago

Say, "I'm can't chew my gum because my teeth are attached to it."

1 hour ago

Please, please, please do an honest trailer for "Good Omens" (Amazon Prime mini-series)!

2 hours ago

I felt it was more Bollywood (Indian) than Middle Eastern with the dancing and clothing. Disney missed a huge opportunity to embrace Middle Eastern culture. (BTW India is a part of the Asian continent and therefore an Asian country not Middle Eastern)

2 hours ago

I like n love you so much

3 hours ago

Only one of the remakes I enjoyed

4 hours ago

Detective Pikachu

4 hours ago

I lost it at “discount Jaden and Willow” and then “Parrots Just Don’t Understand” happened and I cannot..

5 hours ago

I love Aladdin, not this abortion.

6 hours ago

You do this and still no Westworld? Maaan, we need westworld

7 hours ago

please say, "its our last honest trailer video",.....lol just kidding.

8 hours ago

He forgot to mention their making a sequel that's inspiration is the Jafar movie

10 hours ago

Please, say, "Porsiana will rule the world!", your voice is sooo legen-wait-for-it-dary!!!

10 hours ago

Why haven’t you guys done Just Friends. Just do it!

11 hours ago

Not a fan of this honest trailer. It was lazy.

12 hours ago

Please do Shutter Island!

12 hours ago

Only a few words needed for this



12 hours ago

Please do an Honest trailer for "Donnie Darko"...

12 hours ago

Please do an Honest trailer for "Donnie Darko"...

12 hours ago

Thanks for acknowledging how fun this movie really was. I saw it multiple times. My favorite summer movie.

13 hours ago

"2019, After the Fall of New York"
(Come on! You've it got about 4 months left!)

15 hours ago


16 hours ago

Never saw this one but the old one I did but made me question if Aladdin made a wish to be a Prince then what was he a Prince of 🤔 because you have to have a dad that's a king and a land to rule over now the Genie would have to set everything into place for Aladdin to be a Prince not just stuff makes you a Prince.

16 hours ago

Can you please do Spider-Man Far From Home

17 hours ago

@Jordan Jolivette I mean when it does which is about October 1st

14 hours ago

Lauren Lesiuk it’s not on dvd

14 hours ago

Do Brightburn before your kid slams you into a window

18 hours ago

New voice over? Or what? Cz boring

18 hours ago

Say it's never going to heal if you don't stop picking

18 hours ago

Do 'The Dark Crystal' (1982).

19 hours ago