Spying on My Wife for 24 Hours! **Emotional** Matt and Rebecca

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Published: 6 days ago
Matt spies on his wife Rebecca Zamolo for 24 hours and it was a bad idea.

After Rebecca Zamolo uploaded the twin telepathy dance challenge with the RZ twin Matt and Rebecca tried the last to fall asleep challenge to win $10,000. Now Daniel, Rebecca and Matt all receive secret a DM from the Game Master saying that someone cannot be trusted. Rebecca goes up on the roof to take a phone call. Matt and Daniel get suspicious and try to confront her but she says she has to leave and attends a secret meeting. Daniel and Matt follow her and spy on her for the next 24 hours. She first picks up a mystery box with two hidden initials on it. Then she goes to the grocery store and picks out a red velvet cake. Maybe is for the youtuber vidcon party? Later she meets up with our best friend bailey and they do ninja training but it gets a little too close. Will they find out something they shouldn't during this challenge? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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I was spying on my wife for 24 hours, what do you think this means now?

6 days ago

Matt I think Rebecca filmed everything on her side also

6 days ago

Don't worry Matt we ur jealous

6 days ago

its RZ twin, i heard a lie in her voice

6 days ago

Noooo I think that’s RZ twin bc look at the eyes at the end also don’t get a divorce please

6 days ago

Can I have your shirt can I have your shirt

6 days ago

It’s a prank

29 minutes ago


42 minutes ago

My 6 year old cousin loves to watch you every time i get on my phone he says can i watch rebecca and matt

6 hours ago

Maybe she heard you talking and set it up in the car when you were following her

7 hours ago

She is with another guy

9 hours ago

HI am a fan I love your video it is my favorite

9 hours ago


9 hours ago

Divorce I prank on you Rebecca is doing a divorce prank on you

9 hours ago

Mad mad it's it's me my Michael's nephew you have to calm down mad maybe everything's just a setup maybe they're trying to trick you again or maybe she's just wants to exercise and take some air I guess the really thing is worried about you and your the most important is I know your wife but you got to let her have some space inspo everyone that's texting them sixth grade to their Channel I really love them what the chant means give him a huge thumbs up to they'll be the best

10 hours ago


11 hours ago


12 hours ago

The whole time I just wanted to know, What was going on?

12 hours ago

This is how many times Matt and Daniel said what’s going on

13 hours ago

pls don't devorse

13 hours ago


13 hours ago

Red hood

14 hours ago

The initials where RH

15 hours ago

My name is bailey and I am a girl

15 hours ago

She probably said that they needed privacy because the were training in the front lawn or they needed something to drink from all the training

16 hours ago

That is lizzys x boyfriend

16 hours ago

You are so f**** cringy

17 hours ago

Go on Rebecca zamolo youtube and check out what actually happened

18 hours ago

Yeah she is really acting weird😐😑😑😑😑🖓🖓🖓🖓

19 hours ago

The initials were gm it obvious like what else would it be

19 hours ago


20 hours ago

Why did you spy on your wife

20 hours ago

She has been acting weird btw love you

20 hours ago

Please like if you don’t want Matt and Rebecca to get a divorce pls like I love you Matt a Rebecca pls don’t get a divorce please don’t

20 hours ago

I kinda feel its fakr but kinda real? Im in confusion

20 hours ago