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Published: 1 week ago
We all attempt to prepare for the next big earthquake in 15 minutes!
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Friends in the video:

Hidaya Hijazi - Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @HidayaHijazi

Scotty Sire - Twitter/Snapchat: @imnotscottysire; Instagram: @vanilladingdong

David Dobrik - Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @DavidDobrik

Heath Hussar - Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @HeathHussar

Matt King - Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @MattRKing

Carly Incontro - Twitter/Instagram: @CarlyIncontro; Snapchat: @pooopflinger

Erin Gilfoy - Twitter/Instagram: @eringilfoy; Snapchat: @erin_gilfoy

Toddy Smith - Twitter/Instagram: @todderic_; Snapchat: @toddysmithy

Jeff Wittek - Twitter: @jeffwittek Instagram: @jeff

Jason Nash - Twitter/Instagram: @JasonNash; Snapchat: @Jason23Nash

Liza Koshy - Twitter: @lizakoshy; Instagram: @lizakoshy; Snapchat: @lizakoshysnaps

Mike Sheffer - Instagram: @MikeSheffer

Alex Ernst - Twitter/Snapchat: @AlexErnst; Instagram: @Ernst

Bruce Wiegner - Instagram/Twitter: @BruceWiegner

Mariah Amato - Instagram: @MariahAmato

Corinna Kopf - Twitter/Instagram: @CorinnaKopf

Joe Vulpis - Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @UghItsJoe

Jay Boice - Twitter/Instagram: JayBoice

Jonah - Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @NickAntonyan

Kristen Mcatee - Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @KristenMcatee

Stas - Instagram: @StassieBaby

Olivia O'brien: @OliviaObrien

Dom DeAngelis - Twitter: @DomTheB0mb; Instagram: @weeknds; Snapchat: @DommyDeAngelis

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comment  Comments

Everyone pray for Jeff and Todd when the San Andreas fault cracks ya’ll

1 week ago

To be real u dont need a compus because mous grows on the north side of trees

6 hours ago

it’s y’all lol

2 days ago

my two braincells

3 days ago

It’s all natural selection baby

4 days ago

Cameron Craycraft he just doesn’t give a fuck

5 days ago

Heath&Zane won👍🏾 if you agree

1 hour ago

i love how focused carly erin matt zane and heath are like freaking out trying to win and jeff and todd just don’t care😂

3 hours ago

they were prep for a zombie apocalypse not a earthquake lol

4 hours ago

they should really be in a survival movie 😂

4 hours ago

zane and heath: Hardcore into it
matt, erin, and carly: trying to think logically
toddy and jeff: do you want gum?

4 hours ago

Plot twist This whole video was a ad to get us to buy TVs because they’re so cheap

5 hours ago

I’m going with team 3 but at the same time it hard not to pick team 2, Oof

5 hours ago

that face you make when there’s an earthquake but you have psoriasis 5:00

7 hours ago


8 hours ago

love the buckys shirt

8 hours ago

Pause the vid at 1:57 and look at toddys eyes

9 hours ago

For the flow 😂😂😂😩

9 hours ago

This honestly could’ve been 30 mins and I would’ve watched every minute FYI

9 hours ago

"i'm not tryna supply, i'm tryna survive"

10 hours ago

jeff being so concerned about the price of the tvs is the best part of this video

11 hours ago

editing is genius

11 hours ago

lmao at "Whitey's going to survive this?"

11 hours ago

“Oh we almost got a compass too but we realized we’re not idiots”
“Oh you’re gonna know exactly where everything is?”

11 hours ago

Matt is very competitive and SO over Zane’s shit 9:02 I fucking love it so much hahahahaha

11 hours ago

This was a really creative idea honestly

11 hours ago

David’s lack of uploads is turning me to the rest of vlog squad

11 hours ago

Jeff: "i hope it happens"
Heath 😦

11 hours ago

Jeff and Todd are so calm.

13 hours ago

people from LA really think that they are the only people on earth like u do realize civilization is not crumbling across the entire world right

13 hours ago

omg thank god youre back i missss you and your vids hahahahah thidsss iss funnnyyyy

13 hours ago

i am crying hahaha

14 hours ago

No one:
Absolutely no one:
Seriously nobody:
Jeff: “the currency in the future is obviously going to be ice”

16 hours ago

Omfg this was sooooooooo funny

17 hours ago

Erin getting defensive about ponchos is the greatest thing😂😂

17 hours ago