Bob Marley & the Wailers 7-21-1979 Live Full Show

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Published: 3920 days
Bob Marley & the Wailers 7-21-1979 Live Full Show

Announcer Intro. for Dick Gregory
Dick Gregory Speech then he Introduces Bob Marley
Positive Vibration
Slave Driver
Them Belly Full
Runnin Away
Crazy Baldhead
The Heathen
No More Trouble
Lively Up Yourself
No Woman No Cry
Get Up Stand Up

Encore Appluase:
Wake Up & Live
Band Intros by Junior Marvin
- 1st performance of these 2 new songs. also during these 2 new songs bob marley made several short speeches which was unusual for bob

Band Members
Bob Marley - rhythm guitar & vocals

The Wailers
Carlton Barrett - drums
Aston "Family Man Barrett - bass
Junior Marvin - guitar
Al Anderson - lead guitar
Tyrone Downie - keyboards
Earl "Wya"Lindo - organ & clavinet
Alvin "Seeco" Patterson - percussion

I Threes
Rita Marley - backing vocals
Judy Mowatt - backing vocals
Marcia Griffiths - backing vocals

On July 21, 1979 Bob Marley and The Wailers, Dick Gregory, Olatunji, Eddie Palmieri, Jabula, the art of Black Dance and Patti Labelle came to Harvard Stadium in Boston for a concert to benefit the on-going struggles in Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. The concert was called AMANDLA.: Festival of Unity. A benfit Concert for Relief and Humanitarian Aid to Southern Africa.

25 years later in making this video of the performance of Bob Marley and the Wailers, we celebrate the triumph of these liberation struggles of the people of Southern Africa for equality, dignity and self determination.

This videotape is dedicated in memory of Bob marley singer of songs of freedom and in memory of Kwame Olatunji who was responsible for recording this historic event

This videotape is for the private non-commercial use of the Amandla Production Collective and Haymarket Concerts

Sound Notes
This is a sbd mix directly from the board (which means that what ever adjustments the soundman makes for the sound going through the PA speakers is what you get on your recording). If it was a patch from the sbd it has its own mix seperate from the house mix (which means the soundman adjustments are for the recording not the PA system, usually the mix is more balanced if the sound person has time to set this for the line out signal). Therefore these are the flaws on this recording In the beginning the bass was a liitle low. So from "No Woman No Cry" to the end of the show the sound engineer makes a change and adds more bass on the board feed.This is why you here a difference in sound. Unfortunatley
^ - the bass is a little to high on these 2 songs but then adjusted lower on the rest

This is a major upgrade in picture quality compared to the other source that is 3.13 gb and that does not include the speech. There is also another version with bonus material but that has a time code included. This does have a sbd adjustment where i indicated but that is the only flaw.

This a must have for any Bob Marley fan


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