send this to your non-kpop parents

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My parents don't get what's so cool about kpop so yours probably don't either.


I don't own BTS (though I wish) or any other kpop group shown in this video pls don't hate me, I just like to edit videos.


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To those of you saying there is a lot of BTS, I made this as a personal video to show to my own parents, I only uploaded it so I could send it to them. I also made this when I didn't know many groups, so I put in what I knew best. I didn't expect others to see it, if I did, I would have tried harder. For this video to randomly get popular just for me to receive hate is not cool. I didn't upload this with the intent for 1M people to see it so before you go commenting everything I did wrong, just don't comment at all. If you're someone that likes many groups, maybe you should watch my other videos because I'm now trying to learn over 80 groups just to please the kpop community and it'd be nice for you to at least give me another chance. Don't let this be the impression I leave on this platform.

Thank you for understanding ❤

2 months ago

Their is never enough BTS just remember that

2 days ago

That’s okay I appreciate your hard work and my favorite kpop group is BTS so that’s ok❤️😂

2 days ago

But yes we are TAKING DRUGS HERE

3 days ago


3 days ago

U know the voice gets REALLY FKED UP, sometimes

3 days ago

And my mom can catch this vid outside

3 minutes ago

I have to use this to the kids in my class i really hate when they talk about kpop

4 minutes ago

Me : Mom you always ask me why I watch kpop ?Just watch this
Mom : Another Chinese video?(staring at me with anger )
Me : (to my self )better to leave😩

47 minutes ago

I didnt read I just commented

1 hour ago


1 hour ago


7 hours ago

Instead I showed this to my sister who thinks Kpop is gay. And I'm like *offended*. I'm typing this on my dad's phone. I'm a girl. I didn't feel like showing this to my parents because they don't know what kpop is. Plus my mom can't speak English so yeah. I sended this to my sister.

7 hours ago

the mv director, composer, the crew and special is music producer are the most element people who creat the success of kpop.
and the most talent of them already dancing

8 hours ago

So I sent this to my mom and she texted back "are you a kpopper"

9 hours ago

My mom loves Koop no need to send to her but I’m sending it anyways.

10 hours ago

to be honest my dad found out i like kpop then he told me *" its ok if you marry a korean guy"
me over here be like "DAD! THE HECK!!"

11 hours ago

But my mom actually stands BTS she loves jin

14 hours ago

My parents don't understand why I like kpop (or, well, mainly bts) either oof, it's good to see that I'm not alone!
This is a good video, thanks!!
One of the main reasons, if not the main reason, why I like bts though are their personalities. We love kind and intelligent people. Also, their lyrics usually are very deep and meaningful, which is great <3

14 hours ago

my mom is lowkey now ok with it (she dances to it lmao) and goes "no they are not hot, they are cute, like a cat" and i was about to show her the no more dream dance break :)

16 hours ago

Wtf why'd my kid send me this

16 hours ago

I didnt know Insta was a song 😂

16 hours ago

Kpopoppoooo hope pop pop pop pop

16 hours ago

4:29 to be fair my parents are spanish 🤷‍♀️😂

17 hours ago

Me: show mom
Mom: ew they look like girls. They look gay
Me: but thats korean culture
Mom: ew i cant believe korean like those kind. Are they all gay?

Me: show dad
Dad: im more handsome than those. I can sing better than those.
Me: ....

Me: show brother
Brother: Trash. Kpop is Trash, garbage. Germany Pop is the best
Me: ......

Me: show grandma and grandpa
Grandma and grandpa: doesnt understand english

17 hours ago


18 hours ago

Me: has a wallpaper of stray kids

Mom: Who are these Chinito dudes

Me: They’re Korean

Mom: Straight kids?

Me:They are straight but it’s STRAY KIDS

My moms Mexican so her Spanglish is well just a blessing 💀😂

18 hours ago

This is actually a Kpop video that I like! Most videos that are Kpop related always come off as koreaboo cringe. This video was really well done and I really like the message the creator put out. I think it's cool that some people don't only like certain groups because, "they're cute and they're my future oppa uwu~." I hate it when kpop video creators say random and unnecessary things like that. I like this video because it's a genuine and well done explanation of the overall Kpop genre. Nice job on the video! I will subscribe!

19 hours ago

This is so nostalgic for me LOOL! I used to loooove Kpop...... don’t take this offensively I think Kpop is like weird but good and ok at the same time. I kind of like it looool I’m weird

19 hours ago

My mom still: I still don’t get why you watch these gay Chinese guys.

20 hours ago

Yay now I can show this to the whole family because they all hate kpop .-. Like they’re like “ ThEYre GaY blah blah blah BeCUAsE ThEY WEaR MAkEUp” ThEy LoOk LiKE gIRLS”

21 hours ago

My mother doesn’t really like BTS, she doesn’t like the music and she says they’re too feminine. But her “bias” is Jungkook and she loves the dancing which is enough for me. I don’t have anyone else to show videos of them 🙂

21 hours ago

I love k-pop but my mom never really liked it

22 hours ago

if i show this video my parents, or grandma, nothing changed. they’re still will continued hate k-pop and always joke about my ‘boys who looks like a girls’.

22 hours ago

i send it to my mom ....................She blocked me from her phone

1 day ago