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Published: 1 week ago
MY PSYCHO NEIGHBOR IS MOVING...Scrubby Karen is finally admitting defeat and moving.



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This is purely satire! Don’t go to these peoples channels. It’s all a joke!

If you guys like these storytime/life story videos let me know in the comment section down below. I have a lot more high school stories, if you guys want them to happen. I know this is like the Luna clone of the century and I honestly love making life stories. Have a good one, I have a good break up storytime if this video hits 1k likes.. Be sure to subscribe for more story time videos. Family Friendly PG Clean YouTube plz no yellow


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I don't like her but I love the stories that was the first video I saw of Scrubby was a Karen video and that's the reason why I subscribed
Edit: she moves right next to Scrubby so she can spy on him

30 minutes ago

whats the game in the background

1 hour ago


2 hours ago

what game is he playing

5 hours ago

Legend says all the dislikes are from Karen and her alt accounts

6 hours ago

I thought he felt bad for her!!! I was so wrong

6 hours ago

I brought the sorry Karen merch and I went to the moives and a Karen came and I was wearing the sorry Karen mearch :)))

7 hours ago

Lol imagine if instead of moving away karen just moves into the house right beside scrubby

7 hours ago

Karen: I mabey tried to burn down your house, but you didn't have to tell the police
Me: IS SHE THAT STUPID!?!?!?😲😲😲😲😲

7 hours ago

I never was interested in Storytime YT Videos but a few Months ago i saw this Video in the sidebar about a Crazy Neighbor and today i´m actually emotionally about this saga to end...

7 hours ago

I know this isn’t the main focus of the video, but what game is he playing and is it in xbox

8 hours ago

Teespring sucks put it on different website

9 hours ago


11 hours ago

He lost some subs

12 hours ago

Scrubs should through a party and play the crab rave song.


12 hours ago

I literally just realized I wasnt subscribed but Ive been watching the karen videos since they started😂

13 hours ago

We did it bois karen is no more

16 hours ago

I've been her since u has 10k and when u has 100k on ur main channel but I don't have the money to buy sorry Karen merch though sorry bout that

16 hours ago

I feel bad for Kevin

16 hours ago


16 hours ago

Anybody else what to see what her face looks like

18 hours ago

f for karen seres

19 hours ago

buy the house and make a store in it

1 day ago

karens assemble

1 day ago

its the other side

1 day ago

i hate parents that go we didet have video games when i was little

1 day ago

What gamevis he playing

1 day ago

shouldnt play video games while telliong your stories

1 day ago

Now you should offer to buy the house, that’ll be the triple backflip slam dunk.

1 day ago

Scrubs, I just want you to know that your entire Karen saga has kept me very entertained while doing paperwork at work, and I’m grateful you exist.

1 day ago