Logic - Mama / Show Love (feat. YBN Cordae) (Official Audio)

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Published: 6 months ago
Logic's 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' is now available on all streaming services: https://logic.lnk.to/COADM_Album

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Logic's 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' is now available on all streaming services: https://logic.lnk.to/COADM_Album

6 months ago

My faves

Homicide this and icey

2 weeks ago

Hey in the very beginning listen it says buck buck buck buck buck buck west side that's originally from Dr Dre's Keep there heads ringing. Ya know ring ding dong ringa ding ding dong keep there mother fucking heads ringing so why y'all be copy righting like that's sad I thought y'all was real original music that's original but not originally from you guys so just saying facts Moe☝🔑💯💯

5 months ago

@Anadora Terrorblade nah God blessed Eminem . Logic, Joyner and Hopsin blessed Eminem with their skill so he didn't have to be by himself killing mumble rap.

6 months ago

I realized after a lot of times of hearing this song since it dropped I realized that Logic references Midnight (from BT II)
"Everybody knows I'll be,
in the club VIP
Sike not me"
As reference to song itself, not just the obvious that it's a verse from the song but also that this is two songs in one with a drastically beat change as in Midnight, its almost two songs in one even though the title doesn't says. Has a drastically beat change and in the 2 verses the song is somehow different.

10 hours ago

Logic is the only rapper that doesn’t take breaks

19 hours ago

Mama, look at me now

2 days ago

Mama, look at me now

Mama, look at me now

I got the juice, coming for you and I'm bringing the noose

Leaving 'em hanging, my shit banging

Second that I came in the game, I'm aiming

Hold up, wait a minute, break it down for the laymen

(Do do do do do do)

I'm killin' everybody, I'm the MC that the MC's study

Look up to me, little buddy (do it like me, little buddy)

Save yo money, don't think about a Beamer

'Til ya sellin' out arenas, and you're ballin' like a

Ballin' ballin' ballin' ballin'

Everybody wonder what it be like

Now it what it seem like, now it what it dream like

Go like green light, somethin' what a fiend like

Do it for the drug and we do it for the love

And we do it for the high that we get, when we ride in the whip

And somebody pull up on you and they vibevibevibing your shit

Mama (Yeah, uh), look at me now

Mama look what you created, now I'm super faded

And I'm truly hated 'cause I'm real rich

But she too elated 'cause she knew we made it

Got the Louis sueded on some trill shit

I be coolin', nigga, making stupid figures

But the truth is realer than the fake shit

Know they shoot the killers and produce the triggers

I go two gorillas on some Bape shit

Look at all the fame and the fortune, the pain and extortion

The range and the Porches, the same, but it's gorgeous

Mama called me, said your name on the Forbes list

Thank god your daddy never paid for abortion

But sharing clothes, good times, I'ma cherish those

Now I'm stuck doing Paris shows

Embarrass hoes, I'm carousel, I'm careless though

I bear the toe, don't dare your soul (my god)

Mama, look at me now

Ay, I'm the one that's where you're from

They get it done, I'm killing them without a gun

Take it in, rake it in like a leaf from a money tree

Keep it goin', keep it goin', get the money, get the money

When it's sunny, 'cause when them clouds come

I can promise it's depression

That's when you learn your lesson

Thought you was cut out for this, your profession

Go be the best and all of that, nah fuck all of that

No one call him back, yeah, no falling back

Breaking down on stage, break it down the page

Breaking down your age

Like, like now, all you do is compare, compare, compare

Comparing yourself to the world

And you losing yourself to the world

And you're losing yourself to your money, your fame, and your fans

You have bigger plans, you is in demand, they don't give a (damn)

Spend all your money on bullshit and drama

Had zeros and zeros, and commas on commas

On commas, on commas, on commas (on commas)

Mama, look at me now (me now)

Ay, ay, bitch, get the fuck off my dick

Everybody better, I'ma talk my shit

Put him on my back, then I walk my shit

Fuck around, flick my wrist, get it like this

I got more plaques than I know what to do with

Believed in myself when nobody else knew it

Goddamn, I been through it

Goddamn, I been through it

You ain't got class, bitch you been truant

I am the truest, no need to ask

Back it up, girl, now back that ass

Bobby get bitches 'cause bitches love Bobby

And all of the bitches say Bobby delicious

To say I love bitches completely fictitious

'Cause I, I respect women

But let's be real, man, there's some bad bitches out there

Man, I'm just playing

She flipped the reefer, don't know what I'm saying

I'm pushin' 30, my, I'm pushin' 30, my man (It's time to have fun)

Shoutout that boy Gambino, shoutout that boy K. Dot

Shoutout that boy young Drizzy, all y'all been doing a lot

Why the rap game so scared to show love?

I don't know but I am not

That shit right there, I'm Black Thought

Y'all bring it back to the roots

Yes, I most definitely got the juice

Yes, I got love for the game

Don't do this shit for the fame

It's how we people the same

Don't care what set you claim

Shoutout that boy YG, Nat King Cole and JID

Everybody know I be in the club V.I.P (huh)

Psych, not me

Too many people to name, but know I got love for you all

If you need me, I got you, I promise, just give me a call

Hip hop, we a family, but the hype beast wanna ban me

'Cause I am me, speak love, not hate, so they don't understand me

2019 better get that Grammy

Give me my props where props is due

Why everybody wanna come stop you?

Maybe they mad that they not you

When you piece that peace and love

Make them wanna come through, pop shots at you

That's no love, fuck that, show love

Don't buck back like a bitch

2 days ago

YBN cordae🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

3 days ago

Mama 🔥🔥🔥

4 days ago

Best songs mama, lost in translation, confessions, limitless

4 days ago

My Favorite Part:

The Whole Fuckin’ Album

5 days ago

I will pay someone to cut Logic out of this so it's just the beat, YBN Cordae verse, then the beat again.

5 days ago

Joe Budden has the nerve to say logic is the worst rapper to Grace a microphone like can Budden even rap or make music, don't come at a very talented rapper I u don't make music

6 days ago

Always been a fan of logic and now this song is in nfs heat perfect!

1 week ago

Need for Speed: Heat

1 week ago

Jimboy where ?

1 day ago

This beat was taken from JP soundz

1 day ago

Ануар Маликов I know right!?

2 days ago


4 days ago

Need for speed

1 week ago

Nsf heat 😎

1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago

No one: need for speed heat:

1 week ago

Nfs heat anyone

1 week ago

They made a great choice by choosing this song and not something like icy

1 week ago

I knew his identity before the game. But, yeah. I'm honestly surprised.

1 week ago

This album was released the day after my 13th B-day.
Logic delivered my B-day present with this album.

1 week ago

I just got word that this is in Need For Speed Heat's official playlist

2 weeks ago

Yeah. It's true. I'm hyped.

1 week ago

Who's here after hearing from the NFS:Heat soundtrack?

2 weeks ago

Me with a new girl friend: 0:10

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

hope the new album is truly special please Logic pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

3 weeks ago

This Collab is LIT! 💎
Cordae's Lyrics..........Beat..........Flow! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
That transition to the second beat and Logic's verse creates a whole different Vibe! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Both went HARD! 👏👏👏

3 weeks ago

Saw this live yesterday best night of my life

4 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

"like a leaf from a money tree"

1 month ago