A Tangled Web | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 77

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Published: 1 week ago
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The Mighty Nein must determine their next step as they learn more about the powerful figures from Caleb's past...

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HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
4:45 Marisha is Matt’s Swedish coach
5:05 Hack the fly
6:20 Sam Riegal is Mr.Robot
7:10 Laura’s merch promo
8:20 New character art
10:05 Intro cinematic
11:40 Episode Starts
13:25 Recap Ends
14:20 Fjord can’t leave
18:00 Nott’s understanding of holy people
18:40 Silent Fjord
19:40 Travis draws his weapon
22:35 I mean, that too
28:00 Fjord’s pact toilet
31:00 One-time pact weapon
32:15 The Traveler’s heavenly host
37:20 It’s been awhile
38:20 Hot tub investigation
39:40 Doo doo doo doo doo Donuts
42:30 out of the hot tub
44:30 Demoralizing
48:40 The Cult of the Traveler
49:50 Sam is an excellent dancer
51:55 Sam does not fraternize with the servants
55:20 Caduceus never forgets to chime
1:06:35 Caleb’s interrogation
1:13:10 Surprise attack
1:16:20 Execution
1:19:10 I don’t need much, but I know I love you
1:26:10 The Next Generation
1:30:45 Caleb is a decker now
1:32:35 Slipping him the guidance
1:33:30 Beau has lots of cool books too
1:36:20 Break Starts
1:45:20 Art Montage
1:58:15 Break Ends
1:59:35 Essik casts Hold Chair
2:02:15 The quantum wizard
2:05:10 The Traveler is not helpful with arcana checks
2:10:55 Designated prank components
2:12:45 Minotaur bolos
2:15:45 Lots of names
2:19:15 The detective duo is out of retirement for one last case
2:21:35 The Wildmother grants coffee
2:25:10 Dudemancy milk, AKA Dilk
2:25:55 Caveman message to Yeza
2:29:05 Do not criticize Jester
2:30:25 Caduceus and Beau basically never think the same thing
2:32:25 It’s been awhile
2:34:35 Caleb is ancient
2:38:05 Nott’s Compressed Message
2:38:50 Message to Dad
2:45:15 Travis stands ever vigilant
2:47:35 Travis’s attack of opportunity
2:55:10 Beau and Dairen
3:07:20 Jester goes hard in the paint
3:17:25 Jester was apparently not out of sending spells
3:22:05 Jester and the Traveler
3:24:55 Gawd, everyone’s so stressed about this dumb beacon
3:28:15 Dairen is pretty creepy
3:28:50 Cat collection
3:29:45 Beau’s gift to Dairen
3:32:25 Retroactive message in advance
3:39:10 Speed drinking
3:41:30 Jester’s runes
3:42:45 Yasha scry
3:54:15 Episode Ends
The in-game start date for the episode was the 25th of Misuthar 836. Sam’s flask says “2019 Fjord Fusion Superduty: More Power, New Champion, Two-Zeal Drive, Anti-Warlock Brakes, More Uk’aTorque-a, Two Accent Options, Voice-Activated Eldritch Blast, Thunder Step Surround Sound”
Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

1 week ago

Man, you are so committed it is buea-tiful.

19 hours ago

These bookmarks are so useful. Thank you, Flando!

3 days ago

This, this is what heros do.

4 days ago

Critical haram watch now. Pls

4 days ago

21:05 - I was not prepared

5 days ago

Poor Yeze they put him through so much. LOL 😂

26 minutes ago

I ship Caleb and Jester... Am I the only one?

58 minutes ago


2 hours ago

Was so excited to binge the rest of the day. Then I noticed that I’ve finally caught up with the live stream. Whooo? Guess I’ll start to watch vox machina now.

3 hours ago

“I’ve never cosplayed before”
Says the goblin with the halfling mask.

7 hours ago

I'm curious. How any of then we're casting pass without a trace? Can someone please straighten this up?

10 hours ago

For the love of God, how do you have 6 characters in a campaign which has a SURFACE CONTINGENT of Drow, and NONE of them take fucking *UNDERCOMMON!?!?!* ITS THE OTHER COMMON! SOMEONE FUCKING TAKE IT!

11 hours ago

Please pick oath of ancients

12 hours ago

Wait is fjord's warlock is still a hexblade? Or did that change after refjord?

14 hours ago

He got back his powers. He is a 9th lvl hexblade warlock with pact if the blade. And a level 1 paladin.

13 hours ago



14 hours ago

Wait a minute... Is Essek always standing on Tenser's floating disk? That bastard! Why didn't I figure that out before?

15 hours ago

Wait, is this a reveal I missed, or just something you relized?

13 hours ago

Someone needs to tell talesin that legend lore doesnt consume the ivory, only the incense.

15 hours ago

Didn't Marisha bitch about knowing undercomman in a past episode, then she didn't even check her languages or respond when Matt asked.

16 hours ago

At 2:09:19 it looked like Liam was about to cry when Laura was comforting him, so sweet.

17 hours ago

SERIOUSLY can we talk about Jessica Nguyen's art? Every week her stuff blows me away. 1:52:38 is where her stuff starts.

18 hours ago

Also the subtitles are just awfully wrong.

19 hours ago

They always are. I've given up on them.

13 hours ago

Nott: You mean like when you’re watching someone’s cat and it dies, so you switch it out with another cat that’s the same color?

Jester: Have you ever done that?

Frumpkin #3: glares at Nott

19 hours ago

stared at the 1st epsode in Jan 2019 and I will be Live Septmber 2019 so worth it

20 hours ago


21 hours ago

Love how fjord gain is powers back and gain a new sword last episode, and know he is being just entertaining with the maps like a curious child.

22 hours ago

Sadly, I feel like the run with Uk'toa is... done. Maybe Matt will surprise us. But it just seems like all that's left is Vandrien. And currently, without Uk'toa, I don't see a reason for them to track him down. But, I could be wrong!

13 hours ago

Someone in Critical Role, please, get Matt to sit down with some people in d&d beyond and make the School of Dunamancy!

22 hours ago

Poll character I put in

: Dwarf, monk, gender neutral, true neutral and old

What did you guys put!?

23 hours ago

So, obviously the Tavern Keeper is 5 Kobolds in Sorcerer's Robe 🤔😁😂😂

1 day ago

"I'm not your father." - The Gentleman, who is definitely her father. LOL

1 day ago

It just seems too... Obvious. Like, the only genasi within 1000 miles. But, maybe I'm just a sucker for the lore and too heavily affixed to genasi's being very VERY rare.

13 hours ago

I can't wait for an updated opening, that would be SO SWEEEEEEEEET

1 day ago

When the gwent songs come on

1 day ago


13 hours ago

Fly crit!

1 day ago

Has it been explained before why "The Empire" has a King instead of an Emperor?

1 day ago

I love and very much don't trust the traveler, I can't wait for the con and why the hell it's even being done.

1 day ago