Mario Basanov feat. Jeremy Glenn - More for the Less [Apersonal Music 2013]

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Published: 2984 days
out on Feb 18th 2013
Taken from the More for the Less Ep on Apersonal Music including remixes from Pablo Bolivar & Maurice Aymard and Michael J Collins .

Director: Luis Delgado & Alejandro Bernal
Additional footage shot by Jen Ng
Apersonal Music 2013

digital release:

lyrics by Todd Simmons and Jeremy Glenn

Too busy for kindness Hope keeps passing by
Justified by freedom Too caught up in time
Trading up on values Boost the bottom line
He can't think of theirs ya'll Till he's lost his mines

Holding on to what's here Then told to trust fear of losing So what's owned?
When the cost one's soul amounts to what we done using So what's owed?
We're under control Pursuing some weird illusion But what's known?
When making each choice relies on someone's exclusion
And what we're choosing Means we're all losing, we're losing

Living just for having Thriving on surviving
Just how much more do we need before we're happy
Will you stand for something or keep chasing more?
Working just for living Surviving while we're thriving
Just how much more can they take before we're happy?
If you don't stand for something, we'll end up with more for the less and more stress for the rest of 'em

Taking with no giving
Natural law defied
Conflicts orchestrated
Crime that goes untried
He keeps craving power
They just want their pride
But neither one can have it
All part of the design


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