Is It Ok to Hydrodip Nintendo?

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Published: 5 days ago
In this video we're testing out a new method of hydrodipping to see if we can make some custom skins for some classic gaming controllers and consoles.

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SNES is best

17 minutes ago

It is NEVER ok to hydration Nintendo

1 hour ago

Way too much talking

3 hours ago

I never had the original game boy, since I was born in 89, but my parents got me a game boy color for sure.

5 hours ago

Did anyone else bother to work out that calli is thirty

5 hours ago

Hydrodip TAKARA TOMY or even diecast cars!

6 hours ago

Are you guys married and do you have kids

7 hours ago

Cally you have amazing taste in video games

7 hours ago

She laughs at everything

8 hours ago

you monster

8 hours ago

“We made a Wooden GameBoy”

We made a woooooden game boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

12 hours ago

Why would you do such a thing??

15 hours ago

in 9:06 if you look closely it kinda looks like soul sand from Minecraft.

16 hours ago

Ah Pokemon Gold, I didn't have that game as a child but I did have Pokemon Crystal. It was the game that really got me into gaming.

18 hours ago

so just to be clear, you've got
Green and Gold - Australia
Red White and Blue - USA, England and many more

19 hours ago

You know he’s a Nintendo vet when he says n-64 instead of Nintendo64

19 hours ago


Nintendo Collectors
0—o huuuuuggghhhh why you doo thisssss

19 hours ago

It's okay having a patriotic colour as Mario because in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it has a patriotic alternative costume for Mario 👍🏻

21 hours ago

Im 12 but all of theas sistoms i lived with

21 hours ago

10:37 basically TKOR in an nutshell

22 hours ago

And what’s Nate’s friend reaction?

1 day ago

Red white and blue flags I know are
North Korea
South Korea

That's all I know

1 day ago

United Kingdom
New Zealand

12 hours ago

I love nintendo

1 day ago

1:38 but what’s funny? She soon realised nothing was funny then stopped😂

1 day ago

Russian gameboy color

1 day ago

love teh new intro

1 day ago


1 day ago

You should freeze a turkey with liquid nitrogen and drop it from 35 feet up

1 day ago

Whats is a "korkiri" as Calli called it? I thought it was kokiri guess i was wrong

1 day ago

Love it

1 day ago