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Published: 6 days ago
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Hahaha sorry to say we took the wrap off right after he saw it!! So if you’re looking for Jason’s nudes on the highway ! Ya won’t find em!

6 days ago

Hey I want to talk to you personally really bad and I want to meet everyone

4 days ago

I've watched this damn video 10 times and literally pissed myself from laughing and you'll never understand just how bad i needed this laugh!!!! Epic video dobrik

5 days ago

You'll the coolest person I ever seen your son great 🤴🏻😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😂😂your are queen 👸

5 days ago

Hi my name is David to and your videos are the best I love the pranks you do if you what can you follow me on Snapchat at SLUISHAPPY YOUR THE BEST

5 days ago

David dobrik if you listen to this I'll be so happy I am your biggest fan I've been subscribed so long and I would do anything to be on your vlog my name is Nathan and I watch your Vlogs everyday and not to be mean but Scotty is my favorite but you're pretty cool too.

5 days ago

This is what "live the dream" means, right?

19 minutes ago

at 1:44 i couldn’t stop laughing 😂😭😭😭

1 hour ago

I hate Jonah’s whole family even more now.

3 hours ago

Natalie and David would look so cute together

3 hours ago

keep in mind he has a kids choice award

3 hours ago

2:10 Me when your at a party and don't know anyone

4 hours ago

That monkey was sooo cute 🐒🙊

4 hours ago

Anyone else notice Jason's Tormund Giantsbane coffee mug?💪

5 hours ago

I swear Alex was gonna come out and blow out the candles.

6 hours ago

holy shit when they inhaled the balloons and they were all just laughing in really deep voices i felt like i was rolling or some shit

7 hours ago

Alright dude you should make the videos a little bit longer like maybe 3 or 4 more minuets so it’s not stretched out like some other vlogs I’ve watched...it’s way too funny not to 😂

11 hours ago

Everyone who subs to us will have a life as good as Davids, we also want to hit 100 by the end of this week

12 hours ago

I expected Alex to come out again to blow out the candles 🎂😂💀but guess not

13 hours ago

He has a Tormund mug!!!!

13 hours ago

“holy shit i think i did too much” JSJSHDJKSJDJDJS

14 hours ago

Why do I want to see that picture so fucking bad 😂😂😂😂

14 hours ago

Wheres chiki

14 hours ago

David needs to do a vlog like the movie jackass. He is a young Johnny Knoxville 😂😂😂

15 hours ago


16 hours ago

Jeff covering Jason’s moms eyes!🤣

17 hours ago

I love your videos because my separation anxiety has gotten better but I still have some and my dad works a LOT and funny things keep me distracted from it so you help me a lot so thank you 😊 god damn your so stupid

17 hours ago

holy fuck it's nick from big brother at 1:08

19 hours ago

Wait, did they do a handstand or something after that deeper voice? That gas is heavier than air, so in order to get it all out of your lungs you need to a handstand or something similar so that the gas can naturally flow out

19 hours ago

What is the name of that gas and where can I get some?

20 hours ago

Favourite was Natalie’s laugh😂

20 hours ago

2:21 this is why you don't tell David you like things! 😂

22 hours ago

2:14 when I say I love Jason lolll

That fall was def staged btw loll

22 hours ago

Wouldn’t even care it’s whatever

23 hours ago

Ask science boy how ginamarie is doing

1 day ago