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Published: 5 days ago
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6 days ago

Betsy Ross flag 1776 T-SHIRT

1 day ago

Has anyone else noticed the clear skies

3 days ago

Jim made sure to send a dozen roses to his mom for the glowing review of his book

3 days ago

Mini aoc, LOL!

3 days ago

G, day Mark great as always.

4 days ago

I wish George Carlin was alive so he can show these late night assholes how to do comedy

1 hour ago

Mini AOC is fuckin hilarious

6 hours ago

You know, there are plenty of good comics who do "clean comedy" like Brian Regan and Kevin James (Sweat the Small Stuff is still one of my all-time favorite stand up specials).

But this is more than just clean. This is sanitized and lobotomized.

8 hours ago

I'm offended I have to go to work everyday and surround myself with retards and commies but I do it anyway.

8 hours ago

I miss johnny Carson already these people should not be considered comedians but moronic SJWs instead

11 hours ago

I love waking up to the sound of liberals tears in the morning

11 hours ago

the american flag will be offensive soon.

12 hours ago

Dick smokers

14 hours ago

Isn't calling other comedians, "dicks," a dick thing to do?

15 hours ago

I miss Johnny Carson

19 hours ago

I had to re subscribe to you mark dice. I was removed ???

20 hours ago

Don't forget Married With Children, with Al Bundy's fat jokes about his shoestore customers ,and NO MA'AM. Also The Honeymooners with Ralph Kramden threatening to hit Alice "One of these days Alice, BANG ZOOM!" Both are TV Classics.

20 hours ago

Silly soy boys were never funny and won't last. Cry babies!

21 hours ago

They are offensive to me.

22 hours ago

These two guys sounded vaguely retarded, in the sense of mental retardation, right?

1 day ago

Whoa! That Mini-AOC garbage disposal bit was awesome!

1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago

I wonder how much Acosta paid for these reviews?

1 day ago

What is this? YouTube has put an ad on this video!!?
Are they stopping their bias?
Or are just desperately in search for money.

1 day ago

mini AOC has been getting death threats from the lefty loons. so if you see any of these threats against the young lady, please go the the FBI Cyber Crime Division and file a complaint with your evidence

1 day ago

I still have the original cassette tape of that Chris Rock stand-up act.

1 day ago

Mini AOC had to take down her channel because some triggered snowflake(s) were making death threats against her and harassing her and her family. ):(

1 day ago

Those guys are sofa king we Todd did.

1 day ago

Just looking at that guy I was culturally offended and that's no joke.

1 day ago

Oh by the way that guy Stevens with all the money send Nicole $400 the other day I'm not supposed to tell you but I'm telling you to eat your heart out your motives didn't work they're going to still keep in touch he has her private number next time stay out of people's love life you can get hurt that way

1 day ago

Blazing saddles is funny!! These are duch bags are not funny!

1 day ago

Married with children is a great comedy show, Al Bundy was the best.

1 day ago

What does a Mexican and a cue ball have in common?

The harder you hit them the more English you get out of them.

1 day ago