Pennywise Is Seeking Love on 'The BachelorIT'

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Published: 1 week ago
The latest bachelorette's quest for love in the storied franchise has her choosing from a group of honorable men named Tyler and Pennywise, a clown with a troubled past and a big heart. Will the clown's talent, wit and charm overcome some of the qualities that might have him at a disadvantage?

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The song James is singing, what's it called. Can't get it out of my head until I know the name:/

22 minutes ago

Please make a series of this

It’s comedy gold

1 hour ago


2 hours ago

Okay that guy at 7:15 looks like he's related to James Corden

3 hours ago

I love James Corden

7 hours ago

"Left a really bad taste in my mouth"
😂😂 I'm losing it right there hahaha

8 hours ago

Team Pennywise!

13 hours ago

There would never be so many black guys on that show, though

14 hours ago

Part II please...

14 hours ago

I guess the P in Luke P stands for Pennywise

16 hours ago

I’m pretty sure his last name is
“The dancing clown”

19 hours ago


20 hours ago

The date is going to be at Hometel....James did that with Gorden Ramsey😬😟😦😊😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

21 hours ago

Is it sad that I actually really liked what he said about change and respecting the person he was and is 😂

And I hate the bachelor/ette with a passion but this is hilarious

1 day ago

So fake lol

1 day ago


1 day ago

they should have done it with bill instead

1 day ago

😂 I like the Bachelorette and it so this is hilariously perfect.

1 day ago


1 day ago

What song is he imitating at 3:45?

1 day ago

I would marry bill skasgard as pennywise

1 day ago

This show has some of the best writers, they’re brilliant😂🤣😬 & have been so consistent & amazing.

1 day ago

is it bad that I wanna see if pennywise wins...also he had a strikingly similar attitude that a certain "villain" had on another season of the bachelorette...

1 day ago

( i wouldn't sleep tonight if i was u) 😂😂😂

1 day ago


1 day ago

James definitely made the scripts

1 day ago

When you realise that James Pennywise is more horrifying looking than the actually one from the movie .

1 day ago

Where’s the next episode?!?

1 day ago

I actually sat here and watched it and enjoyed it

1 day ago

Hahahaha best thing I have ever seen

1 day ago