What's the Deepest Hole We Can Possibly Dig?

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Published: 2 years ago
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What is the deepest hole that humanity has ever dug? If you're curious about the answer, then this is the video for you!

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1 hour ago

Now I know where to put my fallout shelter.

2 hours ago

whyd you use minecraft dirt like cmon man

4 hours ago

What's the deepest hole we can fill with dick?

5 hours ago

You know what’s lower than that

My grades

7 hours ago

So when are we hitting bedrock?

8 hours ago

ik russia deepest lake that lake was mongolian lake but russia got it

12 hours ago

Whats with the minecraft dirt

14 hours ago

3:38 is that country georgia? or state?

14 hours ago

Yeah but if the ground is minecraft where is bedrock?

18 hours ago

1000m down is Nether world :D

18 hours ago

The deepest hole is the one my dog dropped the ball down. He jumped down to get the ball, don’t worry the kola super deep borehole was dug to rescue him he’s okay

22 hours ago

If we dig too far in the Earth's core it will go off balance and everybody on Earth will die

1 day ago

8 miles down. Then it is to hot to go any further.

1 day ago

Suscribe my channel

1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago

2:53 nice

1 day ago

Thanks for puting my name in it Burj correct spelling 👍

1 day ago

ASK GOD !!!!

1 day ago


to hell

1 day ago

like Minecraft lol

1 day ago

I love digging

2 days ago

in minecraft at 100 meters that could be a new type of tnt

2 days ago


2 days ago

I like how they put Minecraft dirt in the background

2 days ago

In America, you dig down. In Soviet Russia down dig you.

2 days ago

I still can’t find my charger.

2 days ago

Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

2 days ago

Why am I watching this?????

2 days ago