Probably The Coolest Wallet In The World

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Published: 1 week ago
The Volterman might be the World's coolest wallet.
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1 week ago

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19 hours ago

Oppo reno ace

1 day ago

Yaaaaaasss Full Sail!!! Got my bachelors there last April and started my masters in may! Any creative person who wants to get a great education and an awesome networking system, should definitely consider it as a first choice!

5 days ago

lowkey flexing with that amex black card.

15 minutes ago

If they really wanted effective security for the wallet alarm they should switch to moaning sounds or a woman screaming sound. Folks are desensitized to alarms going off. :)

2 hours ago

Not bad, thanks

3 hours ago

you think are funny but you are not

3 hours ago

Volterman is a sham. I dunno how much they paid you for this but you should do more research before you endorse a product.

They took a million times longer to deliver than promised, but that's crowd funding.

The real kicker is that when they finally did arrive they work only if you don't plan on using it. 1 week in my pocket and all my functions stopped working. The firmware is also horrible which makes the features barely ever work, the ONLY thing that consistently worked was wirelessly charging, and then that broke a week in.

When I tried to chase a refund they ran me in circles until I gave up, they clearly were never going to give me money back.

This isn't a one time thing, there's a whole community online trying to claim action against this crap company.

4 hours ago

1:50 Lew just flexing on us with his Centurion card. now i feel poor

5 hours ago

This is the best wallet ever

6 hours ago

This wallet/purse: sells really well

Apple: iWallet/iPurse it is.

7 hours ago

Now when I see a Volterman wallet I just open it away from me! Thanks!

12 hours ago

Easiest way to get everything stolen
Phone charging wallet

12 hours ago

2016: cars need charging
2019: wallets need charging
2020: wifi needs charging

13 hours ago

He's high on wallet

14 hours ago

What "Black Mirror" episode did we wake up in?

18 hours ago

Did he say 3 million ?? 😭😭 what

20 hours ago

You should name that section Willie Do or Willie Don't

23 hours ago

Hope you guys get to review the Luzmag smart bag

1 day ago

That Centurian tho

1 day ago

Hey will you inbox a phone called project gem

1 day ago

thats realy cool

1 day ago

Could’ve used this when I left my Louis Vuitton wallet at the movies a girl employee stole it I kept returning & a week later the stuff in my wallet was on a rubber band with out the LV wallet by then I bought a new one and the same girl months later told me I have nice things and you already have a new one 🤨😡🤬

1 day ago

So the drawback:
1) not succeptible to water
2) camera only work on the same wifi connected to phone
3) the alarm thingy only works on bluetooth which means need to be in super close proximity
4) gps can turn on but if it hidden under the couch will it be as last known location?

1 day ago

future wallet 🤔🤔

1 day ago

weed 😶😶🤔

1 day ago

This is the most stupidest thing I've ever seen ...

1 day ago

I would bye one 🤔😶😶

1 day ago

You smelled wallet and went into Nother Universe Mode, i hit the thumbs up.

1 day ago

Leave it outside and see what happens.

1 day ago

Samsung pay is the coolest wallet in the world

1 day ago

Coolest my ass , my ass would get high radiation from that electrical current duh(

1 day ago