I had given up on AMD… until today - Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review

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Published: 1 week ago
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AMD is launching ALL of their third-gen Ryzen CPUs today – We’ve got our hands on two of the best to see if they really can take the fight to Intel’s doorstep: Gaming.

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Check out the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit at https://ifix.gd/2L6qikW or visit https://ifixit.com/Linus for more great tools!

Use code LINUS and get 25% off GlassWire at https://lmg.gg/glasswire

1 week ago

@LinusTechTips Maybe on PCI-4.0 you need something like this for your nvme m.2 .... Air Volume: 23-89 CFM, Noise: 20dBA, RPM 8000?. Let me know what you think?? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T7VD87G/?coliid=I21PLBLC7025LG&colid=1MP5KEDS7WDX2&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

2 days ago

Hey à good video idea would be switching from Intel to ryzen do you have to do any windows updates or anything like that

3 days ago

LOL! love your introduction linus!

3 days ago

AMD is not for poor people, especially in Russia. AMD has big problems with memory and less reliable in general.

4 days ago

Linus, WHY does there need to be a full Gen4 chipset on all 3000 series boards? We already know that Ryzen is an SoC, meaning that there is a PCIe controller on the package, so why can't we have a more cost efficient board? ie: x16 Gen4, Two x2 Gen4 NVMe M.2, and 6 SATA3 ports. There wouldn't even be a need for a chipset, let alone all that cooling required for Gen4. At least letting Gen3 handle all the extras that don't need that speed.

1 minute ago

Can we have a benchmark with Photoshop?

41 minutes ago

Put ryzen gen3 on laptops and I’ll buy it RIGHT NOW

1 hour ago

i believe this video is about how cringe can you possible be and act like a weirdchamp

1 hour ago

Except that Rygen is better than intel now. I didn't understand a thing. 😅😅😅😅😅

1 hour ago

Thaaaaaank yoooou! I am coming from a Day 1 R7 1700x
Also...I am reeeeallly appreciating the socket commitment. 2 more Gens left? I think?

*Beyonce - Upgrade You Playing in the background.*

2 hours ago

This is it, this is now. I'm switching to AMD

4 hours ago

Imagine the performance when they release new better drivers

6 hours ago

Which is better Asus Rog 1060 6gb or Asus Rog rx 580 8gb?

6 hours ago

linus tech tips are you a demon?

6 hours ago

Hasitated buying 3900x or wait for 3950x

6 hours ago

"always has been a second choice for poor people" - haha. Well aside from the AMD 64 3400+ back in the day - maybe you were a little young then?

7 hours ago

Get AMD Ryzen 73700x with Discount from Here: https://amzn.to/2lu0t1L

8 hours ago

#IceTrayThe Gang

9 hours ago

Very nicy are you subscribe like shere my chinele please

10 hours ago

I'm switching back to team red. Time to retire the 3770k

11 hours ago

My mouth has never watered for AMD like it does right now. First the Golden State Warriors are no longer a super team, and now Intel is taking a step down for now at least. We are progressing people!

11 hours ago

i9-9700K, is this some magical new CPU?

11 hours ago

cringefest69 love it linus

13 hours ago

Yea please do some memory tests with up to 4266 at least or even more ! and compare the 9900k vs the 3700k at those speeds :)

13 hours ago

Start of the video: "OMG AMD is now king of productivity AND king of gaming!"
Rest of the video: demonstrates how Intel is still king at gaming, and AMD king at productivity.

I was excited at the beginning, but the video shows that if you're looking for better gaming performance, there's still no reason not to buy Intel.
And before I get called a fanboy: believe me, I would love to switch to Ryzen. But that's not gonna happen yet, because I don't use my PC to stream or edit.

14 hours ago

It’s been a while since I’ve watched your channel. Your ad transitions are much better!

15 hours ago

LOL you funny bastard

15 hours ago

I'm guessing the only reason why AMD caught up with Intel is because Intel is focusing much of their R&D on how they can manufacture CPUs for quantum computers.

16 hours ago

Linus AMD was NEVER out of the game! You think for one second AMD hasn't been able to match Intel you are sadly mistaken.

Even in there Dozer days they still had there place and not just for poor people that is offensive. Especially for a guy like me I have to save my money to get new stuff that is old in 10 days!
So in conclusion AMD has ALWAYS been able to compete with Intel. It's just AMD has managed to out do Intel like they did in the Athlon days. It took Intel 10 years to get that crown back and now it took AMD 10 years and they are now again on top. Not by much but enough to crown them the Epeen champs! Well goody for YOU Linus! I have lots of AMD system as well as Intel they all have there place and do there jobs exceptionally.

You along with every other YouTube tech heads are always out looking for the latest and greatest, And unlike YOU RICH YouTube EXPERTS we common folk have to actually work to PAY for this shit! We do NOT get to test it out and keep it for FREE! all you guys are out for is an EPEEN nothing more. Would love to be able to talk trash and to test out the best of the best stuff but I am one of them POOR folks you were talking about. But hey thanks for making me feel poor because I have to buy AMD because it cost less and does MORE! But since you are the EXPERT you would know I am WRONG because INTEL is meant only for those that can afford it. Mine are all second hand or free.

But I guess that is why YOU get to play with a core i9 and Ryzen 9 and I have a FX8300.

16 hours ago

Why does everyone rag on Linus? Just all in good fun?

16 hours ago

This competition has been needed for quite a while.

I think a lot of people understand that Intel sits on their tech, releasing very small incremental upgrades (~10% increases, if at all) because they effectively had the CPU market monopolized for, what, 20 years? Hopefully this lights a fire under Intel so they actually start innovating and releasing better tech!

17 hours ago

asrock needs to put out a OC formula with water looped chipset like on the Z77 oc formula .. no fan to fail

18 hours ago

question here,, why is the 3700x faster than 3900x in some games? anyone care to investigate

18 hours ago