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Published: 2 weeks ago


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If you wonder about my grammar or no music.
* English is not even first my language.
* I’m deaf. This is why I don’t use music.
Don’t say to apologize to me! I’m very proud of being deaf! 😆

1 week ago

I’ve never met a dead person your the first I’ve ever met! Btw at first I thought you were joking 😂

4 hours ago


7 hours ago

Im deaf too Deaflife😂🤷🏻‍♂️

9 hours ago

Its okay to be deaf ir human too❤

12 hours ago

Be proud of whoever you are ;3

1 day ago

Your deaf?

Well that's ok. Many people are deaf, and I dont judge that.

Have a good day :D

3 hours ago


5 hours ago

Oh your deaf... I'm sorry for that condition.. God bless you and always have a nice day. 💜

6 hours ago

her name is Jenny

8 hours ago

I know someone who is also deaf and really nice she would love this.

8 hours ago

You are deaf!?!??!?!?!?

8 hours ago

Its ok if u have daef u got youre new subscriber:)

9 hours ago

Me and R

9 hours ago

I really, really apologize. You've made a good desicion. Thank you.

9 hours ago

Aria:wait! Levi:what? Aria: kidnaps her

9 hours ago

umm... sorry if I'm being mean but ur English kinda sucks
~~~~not~~~~offending u

10 hours ago

You should be proud of being deaf. Makes you even more special than you already are.

13 hours ago

love you sorry you are deaf you have amazing talents god bless you

13 hours ago

*Xavier smiles at a tree*

15 hours ago

The Bully Is Spying without a Costume/disguise that's unnormal

17 hours ago

Your a deaf........................ i sont get it but ok

20 hours ago

Thoze ppl who dizliked diz vid had there phone upzide down😀😁😀😁😀😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁

20 hours ago

3:43 Love the classic yandere student

20 hours ago

If you plz make a part 2 cuz I love it

21 hours ago

I feel fking bad cuz ur deaf

I wish u good luck with your life

23 hours ago

I was so focused on seeing what the drama was.. ~-~

1 day ago

Im sorry about u being deaf the music dosent matter is the video hope u get better

1 day ago

you are amazing latte!! do moooorrreee!!!!!!

1 day ago

Stella?! The Leader of the Champion city!!

1 day ago

Its ok for being deaf....


1 day ago

I wonder what it’s like being deaf?

1 day ago

Am I The Only One Who Wants To Be Deaf?

1 day ago

Wait,your actually DEAF?! That's so sad I wish I can help you for real

1 day ago

YOU IS HAS GRAET GRAMMAR. see? i mean in a sarcastic way. its not really good but its funny ;D

1 day ago