Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gameplay - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019

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Published: 1 week ago
In this live demonstration, you can get your best look yet at the game with commentary by developers Aya Kyogoku and Hisashi Nogami. We cover the new crafting mechanics and outdoor decorating, while also discussing the setting, multiplayer, and the basics of island life.

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comment  Comments

I’m buying a switch just for this game omfg

7 minutes ago

Doing lan multiplayer, how are you supposed to have up to 4 people and fit on that screen? I really hope you can split the screen. Please add that if you havent

11 minutes ago

I like how she even translates the "ano" with "um" every time lol.

14 minutes ago

Looks better than the other games. More to do anyways. Graphics are kind of meh, not much of a leap from the last game but whatever. Looks pretty fun.

3 hours ago

I'm hopt you can place the animals houses so i can get closer to finally make my animal nazie death camp town

3 hours ago

I think it would be better if the graphic designers would incorporate the New Leaf meadow into the new game and not the matte green as shown in the video.

3 hours ago

Ich fände es echt besser, wenn die Grafikdesigner die Wiese von New Leaf also den Boden ins neue Spiel einarbeiten würden und nicht dieses matte grün wie im Video gezeigt.

3 hours ago

“Animal Crossing is a Game about freedom.”

Spends 90% of the game in debt.

5 hours ago

Animal crossing: breath of the wild

8 hours ago

Where did he get that KK shirt?!

11 hours ago

The caucasian female's nose is quite repulsive

11 hours ago


12 hours ago

We want more!!

15 hours ago

Oh my god. I had no idea. I have been playing since GameCube days. I'm loving Pocket Camp and can't wait to play this one. My 14 year old self is happy and it's 16 years later haha

16 hours ago

i really need to get a switch now

17 hours ago

Now this is an upcoming Switch game worth my money!

17 hours ago

This is not Animal Crossing anymore

18 hours ago

Mr Nogami yes

19 hours ago

Hopefully they add cooking to the game I think that would make it so much fun.

19 hours ago

Will there be an option to leave the island like in New Leaf? One of my favorite parts about that game was being able to leave my town and travel to the island, a place separate from the town.

22 hours ago

The most important question:
Do items auto stack in the inventory? 🤔

22 hours ago

23:10 The butterfly
"Nooo!! Don't do it!!!" xD

22 hours ago

omg that first question answered by like how is the translator suppose to remember all that lololol

22 hours ago

the first thing I did watching this was I got my 3ds, ac nl, and played it, and cried thinking of all of the memories I've made with my villagers...

23 hours ago

Haha the link's awakening background music. Nice touch Nintendo

1 day ago

We pay for cloud saving and aren't allowed to use them for Animal Crossing :(

1 day ago

Please let us decide who can pick up items in our town because there are people who steal items or destroy other player's towns. This is really important to me because we now have autosaving :(

1 day ago

I want the ability to summon my favorite animal to live on the island via Amiibo. Erik, I'm looking at YOU.

1 day ago

So what if our Switch breaks... that’s it, all progress lost? That’s just cruel... please protect our progress, losing everything would be devastating.

1 day ago

There will be cloud save and you can also use a micro SD card

9 hours ago

Also this game just looks so beautiful!! I can't wait to get it when it comes out!! 🤘🤙👍👌

1 day ago