ASMR | The Ultimate Cranial Nerve Exam | Ft. ASMR Darling, Matty Tingles, ALBinWhisperland, Seafoam!

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Published: 1 week ago
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ASMR Darling pampers us!!!!! ( real life ASMR)
ASMR Darling:

Layered Sounds with Matty!!!
Matty Tingles:

Tingly Triggers with ALB!!!

Seafoam Asks us Questions!!!!
Seafoam Kitten's ASMR:

SO! Hahahah. If you haven't seen yet (understandable if you're not Canadian), this lovely crew of ASMRtists went to Toronto a few months ago to shoot a REESE ASMR MOVIE COMMERCIAL which is now out on Crave for all you Canadians, and is coming out next week on YouTube!! (I'll tweet it out etc...maybe I'll do a livestream of it LOL)! While we were doing 12 hour shooting days, we knew we HAD to shoot stuff during the night... so we ... I have no idea how...did 5!! Videos! One for each of our channels! This was in a busy BUSY busy hotel with just a blue yeti and nothin' else to go for so... apologies for potato quality, I hope one day we can meet up with the express purpose to shoot a high-quality, planned out collab for you all but... LOL I love how these turned out; this is ... not your most serious Cranial Nerve Exam.... (spoiler alert, it is SO hard to act serious in front of other people omg shooting ASMR collabs feel so NEW TO ME) but I hope you enjoy. We had a blast making it x)

Yayayay! Thank you guys so much for watching! Let me know what you think! :D A huge thank you to all four of these insanely kind, insanely talented ASMRtists. It was seriously like summer camp, y'all. Meeting up with them and connecting over our love for this genre :'D I MISS THEM KDSAFLJ;AKLDF

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Brain: hmm, nice asmr colab.



44 seconds ago

Gibi - have you noticed any sleep problems? Getting to sleep Etc.
Me - looks at time... It's 2:23 am.
Me - Nope. None at all. Zip, zero, zilch. What makes you think that?

5 minutes ago

I really love this video. I’ve watched this so many times but the one thing I don’t like is the soft talking and half whispering. It’s honestly kinda distracting and really abrupt when everyone else is whispering and only one person is softly taking. (<- edit: talking*) This is just some feedback cause I personally don’t like the half whispering/soft talking you do in ur videos. THIS IS NOT HATE!!!

19 minutes ago

Darling: “Does it hurt your eyes?”

Me: “Why of course not, why would a blinding light right in my eye hurt at all?”

21 minutes ago

Basically the asmr version of endgame with multiple cross overs from different channels. I like the looks of this(;

30 minutes ago

This reminds me of the avengers

33 minutes ago

Me:*sees 5 doctors whispering about my health* “Okay give it to me straight docs, how long do I have left?”

1 hour ago

Are they all covered by my insurance?

1 hour ago

Me : going to the doctors to get an exam today

Me : why is there 5 people examining me ?

Them : you are the only patient we had all day

Me : 😱

1 hour ago

When doctors have such a good chemistry that you feel bad about your friends.

1 hour ago

"Ultimate Cranial Nerve Exam" is what they told her it was so she wouldn't be scared but thankfully it wasn't anything, just a false alarm, so they didn't deliver any bad news after the exam.

1 hour ago

Anyone else notice at the end during the beginning of Taylor’s bit they’re just straight up arguing about who’s school was better

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

Notice how gibi towers over them

1 hour ago

Ultimate cross over

2 hours ago

I know y’all ain’t doctors but it actually concerned me when I got some wrong at 7:09

2 hours ago

love this community!

2 hours ago

“I could totally see you with glasses”

Yea probably because I’m wearing them right now 👍

2 hours ago

Anyone hear music? 13:13

2 hours ago

Endgame’s looking rly good😁Keep it up!

2 hours ago

"have you noticed any sleep problems?"

well, its currently 1:46 am and i havnt slept in two days so thats gonna be a hell yeah

2 hours ago

Avengers Endgame was the best team up ever-

2 hours ago

Matty kept looking down when he was behind Darling hmm

2 hours ago

infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in history
me an intellectual:

2 hours ago

Matty has it made rn

2 hours ago

This is meaningless comment keep scrolling

2 hours ago

Doooood I’m laughing

2 hours ago

Falls asleep to asmr
Wakes up watching your mom beating your ass, because your phone was moaning because you had autoplay on

2 hours ago

33:35 seafoam died

2 hours ago

"What's your last name"


"Wow, so unique I love it"

2 hours ago