The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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Published: 3 months ago
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3 months ago

I'm not gonna use OVERSIMPLIFIEDS link

Theres gonna be a tax for that

1 week ago

OverSimplified geff

2 weeks ago

I love u r videos so much I barley watch every day 😊⌚

2 weeks ago

0:28 ostrich?

2 weeks ago

Brother do u know there are channels copying your videos and translate them

3 weeks ago

This surprisingly helped me with my history project. Thanks!

47 minutes ago

12:05 evil baby face

1 hour ago

Taxation is theft and democracy sucks

7 hours ago

They have no gun powder...

Fire the cannon!! Boom

Bruh how

8 hours ago


9 hours ago


9 hours ago

When you have a girlfriend you need protection

14 hours ago

You need NordVPN

14 hours ago

Let's remember that the "Let them eat cake" thing never happened. And, whether she cared or not as it was what queens did, marie antoinette gave charitably to the common people.

16 hours ago

today's turkey in a nutshell with 7226 different taxes just wiki 'em

17 hours ago

Comment theres a tax for that

19 hours ago

Me:Hey there!❤ Just checking out becus social science exam tomorrow!

Someone:I'm so sorry but there's a TAX for that

1 day ago


1 day ago

I know this is a bit late but this is something I've always wondered about traditional European monarchies of old. Did the not ever see fit to give the heirs or "heir-apparent"(s) to said thrones and countries some formal education system or atleast a group of (ideally loyal) 'royal tutors' so as to train them (crown princes and or even crown princesses) in the art of statesmenship and other various practical skills related to y'know...actually knowing how run a government or society? Now I know things don't always go according to plan what with the potential for a chosen heir to a monarchy might well y'know...die before they could inherit the position. I guess that's what regencys are for anyway, right, still you'd think the royal families of these various kingdoms would have the foresight to have their children or heirs better prepared to take over once the time had come for them to succeed.
It's not like EVERY monarch is going to be a great one or even a notable one but at least it might bring better, lasting stability to a country if atleast everyone of those rulers received a bare minimum education on governance and economics. Even if they intended to preserve some old standing social hierarchy, perhaps some of these more, traditionalists, conservative kings and queen would realize from their upbringing in "formalized royal grooming" (teach them how to run a state) that maybe some economic and social reforms are a necessary thing in order to adapt to changes and prepared for dealing with inevitable problems. Ironically if such monarchies were to have adapted to change and saw fit to better train up their successors (if there wasn't any such training) perhaps today we would still have quite a few monarchies that still held a substantial amount of real power and authority beyond a mere symbolic position.

That's not to say I support absolute monarchies or that I don't think any of these old monarchies could have survived into our times without eventually relinquishing some of their powers to some forms of indirect quasi-democracies. Only that these monarchs might have still retained a lot of or some of their powers and still have a notable say in governing today.

But anyway my main point was that I've always found it strange how monarchs never seemed too concerned with their heirs being even 'qualified' to take over governance. What's the story on that? Were their children just expected to learn on the fly once they ascended the throne about how to be a good ruler? (from their society's perspective that is..)

1 day ago

15:41 The famous phrase that Marie Antoniette never actually said

1 day ago

This reminds me of socialism

1 day ago

But the revolution could have been violent...

Video games weren’t invented yet

1 day ago

*me aggressively trying to find where I can make a Hamilton reference but I got too impatient so now I’m making this comment and I hate myself as much as you hate reading this*

1 day ago

The Casteism in India has a similar story but it didn't come out that violent one

1 day ago

lu bu pin please

1 day ago

Wi wi monimi

2 days ago

100 extra points for slutty frog!

2 days ago


French people, ridiculing Marie Antoinette: BEGONE THOT

2 days ago


2 days ago

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate... leads to suffering

2 days ago

At 0:51 there is a Emu on the dinner table

2 days ago

Let them eat the crunch wrap supreme! They're not THAT desperate! 😂😂😂

2 days ago


2 days ago

So Louis how many taxes do you want on the 3rd estate?

Louis XVI: yes

2 days ago

That animation where the tax man tastes the kid's tears and then taxes him for it because of the salt 😂

2 days ago