The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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Published: 2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago

Yes my dude

2 days ago

Telling us to enjoy the video...

Yeeaaahhh, there's gonna be a tax for that.

2 days ago

I love it to

2 days ago

Next do pewdiepie vs t series oversimplified

3 days ago


3 days ago

3:22 My favorite part

5 minutes ago

Is that the iron throne of bread?

5 minutes ago

Marquis da la Foodayette

16 minutes ago

I need help, I watched a video about the fight for the British crown and how William the great deceived people. It talked about when Normandy was a country and what not. But I don’t remember what channel it was made on. It had animations similar to this. If you help me I’ll be in great debt to you.

42 minutes ago

16:00 I guess you wont be sponsored by Taco Bell 😜

49 minutes ago

I love you Mr. Squeaky

2 hours ago

Assassins Creed Unity brought me here

2 hours ago




2 hours ago

5:10 sounds like the situation we have here in Finland right now

3 hours ago

where was this when i was a sophomore

3 hours ago

Do a Cuban revolution video

4 hours ago

There goes my 40 min

5 hours ago

Well I guess this is why you should use Nord VPN or maybe your country will go in financial debt

6 hours ago

China about to start WW3 at Asia. (Better learn chinese now)also can't wait for it to be a oversimplified video

7 hours ago

we should execute the bourgeoise TODAY

7 hours ago

great northen war

7 hours ago

Why can’t I get this in history class

8 hours ago

It wasn't NORD VPN, Mabry it was because he didn't have a computer

8 hours ago

Make a video of phillipine revolution

9 hours ago

Sorry I'm late. I know what Robespierre would say. To the Guillotine!

10 hours ago

duuude Washington being in this video proves there is an oversimplified expanded universe

11 hours ago

So this is what college students watch a night before their french history exam

12 hours ago

And today we got exactly the same situation, but Europe wide. We urgently need a new revolution. Kill the EU leaders before they kill us all. Do the pike thing!

13 hours ago

Can you do napoleonic wars?

14 hours ago

'' Let them eat cake she says, just like Marie Antoinette''
Who loves Killer Queen? (:

14 hours ago

American civil war ❤️😩

14 hours ago

At 7:30 he said hanged instead of hung

15 hours ago

10:06 those three men in the Far Left was doing "Nazi Salute"

19 hours ago

This enraged their fathers, who punished them severely

17 hours ago

Comment anglosaxonifier la Révolution, c'est très très moyen.
Mais bon, c'est surtout pour faire de la pub pour leur VPN de merde, ça se justifie pleinement alors :P

1 day ago