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Published: 1722 days
Here is a portion of tricky riddles and brain games only unusual thinkers can solve! To solve all the puzzles on time turn on your imagination, activate your brain and stay focused. If you want to have a well-trained brain, then don't be lazy to try these cool brain games and blow-minding logic quizzes. Try these brainteasers out and share your answers to the most difficult ones.

00:14 - A detective riddle that will boost your brain power and detective skills! Only a professional will solve this mysterious case. If you feel it's too difficult, just pause the video and take your time! Will you become a professional detective?
01:27 - Hey, Detective, here is a case for professionals like you only. Can you find out why this man was arrested and if he's guilty indeed? You will have to rack your brain hard this time, but at least we'll be able to connect the dots. A tricky crime riddle with an answer for brilliant minds!
02:57 - An ingenious trick of the old pirate that will make you stretch your brain and think hard! You have just half a minute (just like Pirate John had) to decide how to arrange the soldiers to stay alive (or come up with another effective solution). Remember that John was insidious and slippery and all was fair in his situation. Would you survive if you were in his place? I would definitely not as I'm not a quick-thinker at all


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