Cleaning The Dirtiest Jordan's Ever! $600 2001 Black Cement 3's Back To NEW!

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Published: 2 weeks ago
For Discount: MANALO
For Discount: MANALO
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John:so right now I’m gonna- drops cockroach Oops. its like he didn’t just drop a bug on the floor..especially a COCKROACH

25 seconds ago

Lets be honest here,
We all found this in our reccemendaitions

1 minute ago

No way in hell he casually found these like that

3 minutes ago

Plot Twist: It was actually his shoes, made it dirty and cleaned so ez money back..

3 minutes ago

8:09 turns into a Bob Ross voice: and for this process I'll be using acetone and cotton balls ☺️

4 minutes ago


4 minutes ago

I had a heart attack when I saw that first cockroach😂

7 minutes ago

But why would he film what he was doing at the beginning ??

8 minutes ago

All you videos are so obviously constructed! Anyone could take a old pair make them dirty and do this shit

12 minutes ago

You’re so full of shit!

13 minutes ago

You maybe will hate this:

What happend if he dont record?

14 minutes ago

The bug needs some milk

15 minutes ago

(Anyone reminded of that one BTR episode?)

17 minutes ago

What about Yasmin and Aladdin? :(

20 minutes ago

Uhhh I was just focusing on his voice the whole video. So hot😰

22 minutes ago

Thats my shoe🙄😳🤭

24 minutes ago

It has to Be fake. The roaches weren't even covered in clay

24 minutes ago

i miss jasmine and aladdin already:(

24 minutes ago

Buries Jordans
“No one will find th-“

28 minutes ago

Why does it say Nike if they are Jordan’s ?

28 minutes ago

It is cement

29 minutes ago

Those Jordan’s are fake the Jordan logo got a butt crack

30 minutes ago

All I wanna know is how or where do you go to learn on how to reconstruct a shoe? And how many years did it take to get to this guys level?🤔

31 minutes ago

He is so nice like if I saw 2 roachs they would have been killed! Ew I hate bugs 🤮🤮

32 minutes ago

Lol imagine the owner seeing this video and thinking :HEY, THOSE ARE MY SHOES I LOST YESTERDAY

35 minutes ago

I think hes a filipino

Like if you agree

37 minutes ago

Who else just randomly got this recommended?

37 minutes ago

i love how you can see that those are nike shoes 1:12

38 minutes ago

Raleigh = Ra-Ley

41 minutes ago

I wonder how the roaches felt when they seen this dude😂🧐

43 minutes ago