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Published: 3 months ago
Mr.Oopsie Man and I play our own game and forget how to record a video
Swedish Man:

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this. is my favorite video

45 minutes ago

Im 5 nothing so i guess im not respectible height 😂😂

1 hour ago


2 hours ago

11:32 if you put on subtitles is says these children

3 hours ago

Can someone tell me what website they’re on 10:16 plz thx in advance

4 hours ago


7 hours ago

Bromance 😍☺️😊

15 hours ago

Pewdipie:wears a genesis shirt

Jacksepticeye:100% IRish patato

1 day ago

I enter and see a vid of Jack smiling the caption is I broke my crushed ankel

1 day ago

This video is so wholesome that i have been smiling for the entire video

1 day ago

I’m a thirteen year old girl and I’m the same height as jacksepticeye....

I wish I was short

1 day ago

And then there's me...
~a 13 year old girl as well
~ 1.53cm (5'0) ?!

8 hours ago

I'm 12 and I'm around 165

1 day ago

felix laughing = uwu

1 day ago

jacksepticeye is an intellectual

1 day ago

Ooohhh so you pewdeepie

1 day ago

Theirs 3 kinds of people in this world

The ones who are good at math, and the ones who aren't.

1 day ago

2:58 the dreaded camera focus has followed us here

1 day ago

This is the quality content I signed up for. Thanks, bros! ♥

1 day ago

Lol I love this vid

2 days ago

Why pewds look like cringe for some reason?

2 days ago

Im taller than u

2 days ago

I watched the video drinking a coke

2 days ago

“Original doesn’t mean good”
What do you mean this is amazing. I didn’t think I would like it, I was wrong. It’s great. Just bros chillin. Phenomenal

3 days ago

i'm begging to felix pleaseee use the same camera like jack bcs you're too beautiful in hd

3 days ago

Wait what i am 12 cm taller that pewds😱

3 days ago

this us the best video i’ve ever watched

3 days ago


3 days ago

First time I have watched pewdipie in 1080p

3 days ago

Wow you guys are both short i'm taller than jack at the age of 14 lol

3 days ago

I'm almost taller than them 😂 I'm 11!

3 days ago