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Published: 2 years ago
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing video! FUNNIEST KID TEST ANSWERS!

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I didn’t now that you say bad words

27 minutes ago


37 minutes ago

6:42 lap

1 hour ago

The question where it says cab, bag, and then another word that shall not be named is supposed to be SIT. But I do believe that the illustrater should be fired. Love you Azzy! 😘

1 hour ago

Azzy does not get a lot of hugs one ☝️ like equals one hug for Azzy

2 hours ago

Azzy pls stop curzing because mabey some kids that are littel like 10 years old are watching and there parents get mad at them because of that sorry azzy i still like you :)

3 hours ago

Azzy: "I was never that funny "
Me: "she's hilarious!"

3 hours ago

What is on the subtitles..?

4 hours ago

How would you describe school ? Awesome! (That was the easiest question 😊😊😊)

4 hours ago

Bless you

6 hours ago

The strongest on earth is GOD

7 hours ago

Azzy your so HILARIOUS

8 hours ago

1 like=1 broken window

9 hours ago

Mean to send or

11 hours ago

Never mind I didn’t mean to send that I didn’t even make sense and you know whatYou’re just funny the YouTube or

11 hours ago

I just fell down and bumped my head

11 hours ago

I've seen all these tests on 10 different YouTube videos and not your videos

14 hours ago

Why don't you make video about songs the night begins to shine song so then it will improve your singing and you'll get 5-star rating to the 0

14 hours ago

Date:yes please

14 hours ago

at first, I didn't know what a plant cell was before learning what it was in high school science class.

15 hours ago

❤️ I love you Azzy!!

18 hours ago

Why do u curse? I thought this was a family friendly channel but noooo.

21 hours ago

Name six animals that live specifically in the artic

Me- polar bear, penguin, seal, walrus,arctic fox, and the narwal

21 hours ago

Straight up jacket probably under garments and nothing else. That is what ur wearin

21 hours ago

Azzy is so Smart and funny
And cool

21 hours ago

Describe school in one word: S.C.H.O.O.L
S: Six
C: Cruel
H: Hours
O: Of
O: Our
L: Lives

You're welcome :)

21 hours ago

School is death for kids

22 hours ago

Kahlan 👉👌💏👙👰

1 day ago

What’s up! The sky duh 🙄

1 day ago

I know I'm a little late but can we see some of your drawings? I feel like that would be a good video idea

1 day ago