Stealing My Moped Back

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Published: 2 weeks ago
Not to long ago my Honda ruckus moped was stolen so in this video I am stealing my moped back. I found out it was him because there was a post on craigslist for a Honda ruckus moped and I could tell it was my stolen moped. I went to his house first and pretended that I was a normal buyer so that I could figure out where he kept it. He told me he was going to leave in 45 minutes. 45 minutes later I went back to steal the moped back.

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2 weeks ago

I can tell this is fake but still entertaining

1 hour ago

PhilTheThrill your bike help

3 days ago

PhiltheThrill You make me laugh all the time

3 days ago

I am a big fan

6 days ago

I'd still shoot him

6 days ago

What happened to your hand

8 minutes ago

He just handles everythin like a boss lol

10 minutes ago

Why are you grabbing the gun like that

43 minutes ago

the way he holds the gun

54 minutes ago

Clickbait shit

2 hours ago

If u everybody doesnt know who Tommy is its Tommy MX i think

2 hours ago

This is so fake

2 hours ago

I hate people like that

3 hours ago

You held the gun wrong and you have SOO many guns you should've had more ammo and shot him off the road

4 hours ago

its just how he holds the gun stop being so rude

5 hours ago

hi people the guy who stole tommy bike was him he is jist hiding it for us cuz look at the glasses

5 hours ago

Where do you stay

5 hours ago


6 hours ago

"The thing with two wheels that thing."

7 hours ago


7 hours ago

Who holds a gun like that

8 hours ago

The thief was Tommy because if u tap on the circle icon it shows a man wearing the America goggles

9 hours ago

Dose any one else think this is fake

11 hours ago

It’s so fake!

12 hours ago

You should move

12 hours ago

Why dose he hold the gun the that

12 hours ago


13 hours ago

Nice man make more videos like that

15 hours ago

This video is fake😂😂

16 hours ago

He has a gun and its poiting at that dude but his finger isnt at the triger
( no hate but mybe u shoud do some little things a bit better)

18 hours ago

I love your videos phillthethrills

18 hours ago

shout out to me pls i am a huge fan i like 💗 like you vidoes

23 hours ago

Soooooo fackkkk

1 day ago

Okay the amount of times he's been robbed got me thinking it's all fake

1 day ago