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Published: 1 month ago
In this video I countdown my Top 20 Drum Intros of All-Time.

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When you comment with your list, please exclude “We Will Rock You” because it uses stomps and claps not drums. It also need to START with drums. There are many songs that people are listing that actually start with other instruments or the whole band like “Come Together” Have at it!

1 month ago

Prince of the city by Sweet FA has a killer intro

1 hour ago

I have one for you from the early sixties...Check it out "Tales of a Raggy Tramline" by the Original instrumental group "The Shadows" the late Tony Meehan on Drums.

12 hours ago

What about you could be mine from guns n roses?

16 hours ago

@joeblack g Locamotive has a wicked drum opener... and matt Sorum too was drummer for 2 huge bands bigger than horse toothed dave grohl.. just in my humble opinion

20 hours ago

Locomotive by Guns N Roses

20 hours ago

Twisted Sister - We're not gonna take it.
Iron Maiden- Run to the Hills
Def Leppard - Rock of Ages

37 seconds ago

I would say Rain by the Beatles as well.

5 minutes ago

Going though the comments,maybe it's way, way down there, but it just occurred tome. You started off the vid with Kiss "I Love It Loud" and it didn't even make an honorable mention. Strange.

10 minutes ago

"Fireball" Ian Paice. Period

1 hour ago

Have to mention a lost classic: Fleetwood Mac, "Hypnotized"

1 hour ago

“Take on me”.......?

1 hour ago

Can’t Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers should have been on there imo. It’s not the best in the world but I always recognize it right away.

2 hours ago

How about Rainbow - Stargazer!

2 hours ago

What happened to The Osmond Brothers the song crazy horse

2 hours ago

Reverse #1 & #2 and you’ve got it.

3 hours ago

A lot of good ones there, but I have always liked the intro to Young Americans by David Bowie, as well as Boogie With Stu by Led Zeppelin

4 hours ago

Yoooo where that painkiller at???

4 hours ago

98% of these are completely garbage.

4 hours ago

Might be off topic but how did you manage to have that depth in your voice track? I mean, that’s 3D, spacious and crystal clear. Could you share your mike model, setup and maybe processing, if possible?

5 hours ago

Two princes, spin doctors. Pretty sure they drew inspiration from another very similar into, too.

6 hours ago

Nickelback Follow You Home should be on there too...

6 hours ago

I love your channel! Keep it up, it’s great and informative! I think the intro to Rock Candy by Montrose has to be on the list somewhere! What do you think?

6 hours ago

Genetix by Jet Black of the Stranglers, check it out.

6 hours ago

Nickelback - Follow you home

6 hours ago

Stargazer from Rainbow is not even an honorable mension, yet Billie Jean's "intro" (basically a drum pattent) is?

7 hours ago

Judas Priest - painkiller, Sepultura - territory

8 hours ago


8 hours ago

I think Billie Jean should have been number 1 tbh, simple but one of the best/most recognizable songs of all time

8 hours ago

I'm surprised there wasn't a single Deep Purple track in this top 20.

8 hours ago

Iron Maiden still gets no respect. Multiple songs should be on this list! Or at least mentioned...

8 hours ago

thought #1 would be Rainbow - Stargazer

9 hours ago

You left “you could be mine” GNR out :D

9 hours ago

What about sepultura-teritory THE BEST DRUM INTRO

9 hours ago

How can Stargazer by Rainbow be left out? Not just the top 20, but not even in the honourable mentions? Cozy Powell is a GOD!!

11 hours ago