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Published: 4 months ago
In this video I countdown my Top 20 Drum Intros of All-Time.

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When you comment with your list, please exclude “We Will Rock You” because it uses stomps and claps not drums. It also need to START with drums. There are many songs that people are listing that actually start with other instruments or the whole band like “Come Together” Have at it!

4 months ago

I think The Painkiller by judas priest is alsow very good

1 month ago

Stargazer by rainbow

1 month ago

well people are including Hot For Teachers which is all triggered out.

1 month ago

Painkiller and Where Eagles Dare... Top 1 and 2....

2 months ago

@Brent N thanks for telling exactly what I was thiking
Well, maybe the intro of Money For Nothing is too long for top 20 list, but I missed it anyway

2 months ago

rock’n roll (#17) cover needed more energy

15 minutes ago

The offspring - come out and play? First one I thought of

34 minutes ago

Of course num 1 is fireball by deep purple

1 hour ago

Stargazer by Rainbow has a great drum intro as well

3 hours ago

You should have mentioned the Foo Fighters my hero

4 hours ago

We're Not Gonna Take It????

7 hours ago

teen spirit

7 hours ago

I was hoping Where Eagles Dare would be on this list.

8 hours ago

I knew the hot for teacher drum intro was nuts, and maybe this drummer didn’t even play it “perfectly” (I don’t know - I’m not a drummer) but it totally blew me away - love good drums :)

8 hours ago

Even though it's all of a millisecond before the rest comes in, how can you not immediately recognize the drums to Hard to Handle, by the Black Crowes?

9 hours ago

You guys rocks.

10 hours ago

Love your enthusiasm! Big RUSH fan here, still sadened from Neil's passing. When you mentioned them, I honestly thought you were going to hit the thunderous intro from One Little Victory. But as you commented on another song, not commercially popular enough I suppose. Thank you.

10 hours ago

Over the Mountain.

11 hours ago

The Hanging Garden...the Cure

11 hours ago

Money for Nothing deserves a mention

11 hours ago

My favorite is The Prisoner by Iron Maiden Nicko McBrain kills it!

12 hours ago

No Excuses Alice in Chains

12 hours ago

Top 20 best cowbell parts. GOGO

13 hours ago

I know it's not incredibly complicated but Straight out of line by Godsmack? Maybe I'm an oddball i guess lol

13 hours ago

I thought i would see wipepout on here. Guess i was wrong

14 hours ago

Is it just me or the drum tone is not that Great ?

16 hours ago

Wheres The PH intro?

17 hours ago

My personal holy grail was "March of the Pigs", by Nine Inch Nails in 1994.
The three measures of 7/8, one measure of 4/4, cadence took me a fair bit of puzzling and practice before I got it right. Still love it.

19 hours ago

i was thinking that number one must be when the levee breaks. at least that.. the list is not that good. no we will rock you? :))

20 hours ago

Squib Cakes by Tower of Power, David Garibaldi's intro.

20 hours ago

Benny Goodman - Sing, sing, sing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 hours ago

That face he makes is like having orgasm 😂😂😂

21 hours ago

I'm wondering why u have nothing in your videos from Dream Theater. Those guys are one of craziest musicians in the world.. Drum intro: Six o' clock. Keyboard intros: wait for sleep, space dye west,..etc. Best album imo: scenes from a memory.

21 hours ago

What, no Ginger Baker

22 hours ago