Beneath Bazzoxan | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 66

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Published: 2 weeks ago
The Mighty Nein tussle with a roc and make their way to Bazzoxan, a village holding the line against historical terrors...

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HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing

0:50 Yeah, but can we hear this song though?

1:55 Liam makes the case for trusting Travis

2:55 Sam’s Liam impression

3:50 Damning footage

5:15 SUBMIT the full clip

6:35 This bit has destroyed Matt’s game

7:35 Sam is gone forever

8:50 Laura’s merch corner

9:55 Intro cinematic

11:30 Episode Starts

13:50 Recap Ends

14:30 Jester creates a Tingle costume

16:05 Are there pics of Taliesin dressed as a strawberry?

17:20 Matt, how dare you bring that up?

19:20 Bailing on Beau

27:00 Jester thanks Fjord

29:45 We built this Fjord on roc and rolls

32:05 Hop on my filthy back!

37:35 The fearsome roc

41:40 Matt and Liam are communicating

43:30 Marisha is a bird momma

49:00 Feed that bird

53:30 High stakes bat wrangling

56:25 Laura angers the sound gods

59:45 Mounting Yonick

1:05:20 Listening for the roc

1:12:30 New Caleb

1:14:15 Beau went to Jared

1:22:55 We miss you, Eric

1:25:40 Sad horn

1:28:15 The new It Follows sounds great

1:36:30 Break Starts

1:45:20 Art Montage

1:58:00 Break Ends

2:05:20 Looks like we made it

2:13:10 Jester is here to help

2:24:25 Surprisingly well stocked

2:25:15 Repainting the sign

2:28:30 Obon-Wan

2:36:50 Oh no, not the flask

2:38:55 Yasha is shifty

2:39:45 That kind of alchemy doesn’t usually turn out well

2:41:05 Laura gets Sam’s eyelash

2:41:35 Fjord and Caduceus

2:48:40 MediClaytion

2:50:00 Yasha’s wakeup call

2:55:10 Sholdiers

2:57:15 Nott’s looking pale

2:59:40 Yasha intimidates Nott

3:00:40 Nott goes crazy eyed

3:06:20 Travis is smooth

3:10:35 Fjord is toned

3:15:40 Workshopping the message

3:17:20 She comes alone

3:18:20 The final message

3:21:00 Isn’t it ironic

3:25:45 Fjord narcs on Nott

3:38:15 Jester and Yasha

3:49:30 Caduceus catches Beau

3:56:00 Weirdly inspirational

4:02:15 The creepiest room

4:15:25 They’re so in sync

4:21:45 Well, hell

4:23:35 Orphanmaker

4:24:50 Episode Ends

The in-game start date for the episode was the 11th of Misuthar 836. Sam’s flask says “New Flask Pro by Apple”

Okay, well, looks like nobody sold us out to those Brits. I withdraw my endorsement of Sam. I don’t know who to believe anymore, for now I think the timestamps will be a neutral news organization until one or both sides actually try to bribe me for an endorsement.

Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

2 weeks ago

3:47:27 sam signals the uk to rise up, with his covert skills, by sounding like big ben!

3 days ago

3:03:30 Matt starts rolling and I dunno why

6 days ago


1 week ago

1:10:36 Jester takes Nott’s Flask. Seems like the table (and majority of us critters) missed it

1 week ago

I appreciate u greatly

1 week ago

and no one questioned how he knew they where in the village? No one ever mentioned bazzoxan, or a village, all she said was they arrived in the north, where can we find you... doo doo doo doo

3 hours ago

"A mix of rot and sulfur" Those be demons. I saw enough Supernatural to know what a demon smells like.

14 hours ago, doo doo doodoo doodoo, baby Roc, doo doo doodoo doodoo

18 hours ago

"Anti Rock of Eternity" I love Taliesin XD

20 hours ago

Do they EVER tell Matt what's about to happen with the adds?

21 hours ago

Travis pulls a Slim Pickens... just awesome...

1 day ago

Jfc with the 300 investigation and perception checks near the end.

1 day ago

Wasting death ward on a zealot barbarian 🤦‍♂️

1 day ago

Angel skeletons are scattered in the mysterious chamber

Me: Speak with dead! Speak with dead!!

1 day ago

why havent they use locate object to find the flask

1 day ago

Nobody caught the sick DW Dark Wing Duck reference? Bummer.

1 day ago

I claim no ownership of these lyrics, but they totally fit:

Come to the nightmare, come to me
Deep down in the dark where the devils be
To the maw with the jaws and the razor teeth
Where the brimstone burns and the angels weep

1 day ago

Laura!! Your shawl is so pretty! 💖✨

1 day ago

Waaaah I rewatched the loot examination part after the last Talks Machina (C2EP67) and woooow Laura was so stealthy about telling Matt she steals Nott's flask xD

2 days ago

Loving the weeping angel feeling I got from the statues. Hope they are weeping angels.

2 days ago

Here's some neat info, it is believed that part of the origins of the Rok comes from ottoman traders wanting to keep the origins of cinnamon a secret , so they would tell Europeans that it was part of the nest of a giant elephant eating bird , and that they would collect the sticks as they fell form its nest .

2 days ago

I don´t like it! I´m scared!

2 days ago

Laura is a national treasure, the message scene was hilarious. Travis helping out with the word count is a good husband. Not to mention her other comments about coming and stealing Nott's flask. She was a rock star this episode.

2 days ago

Is this the same gator skins try gave to the Kolbolds in the tunnels?

3 days ago

I was screaming Pocket Bacon in my head when Beau fed the baby birdy

3 days ago

33:33:33 Fantasy jesus?

3 days ago

God I've been super busy so I got like 9 hours of content... but that's very okay with me

3 days ago

Our party...... has come to ruin

3 days ago

3:20:50 matt finds that you called it the gift shop funny... means its super big and bad

3 days ago it starts out with what Beau says, then wait until and you will see Travis role Insight against Matt.

3 days ago

Catching up, 30 episodes in 2 weeks. 1 to go....well technically 2 because it's Friday...

3 days ago

3:53:06 you know it won't turn out well when Matt says "Great"

3 days ago

0:17:35. Matt: "You are a leaf on the wind. Nothing bad ever happens......" Grrr!!! Matt, you heartless bastard--hahaha!!! When fandoms collide.......

4 days ago

3:57:15 tal reaction
4:01:15 hands flap

4 days ago