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Published: 4 days ago
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why does EVERY COMMENT have the same layout

no one:

like omg theres so many that are the same i’m confused

2 minutes ago

This is how much times people honked at her


3 minutes ago

14:19 one girl, chillin in the hot tub, all by herself cus shes lonely

4 minutes ago

Are there any small YouTubers who want to support each other?

10 minutes ago

ethan should join u lol

14 minutes ago

This is literally a video of you complaining

31 minutes ago

17:16 - a lot of things, Emma. ALOT OF THINGS

36 minutes ago

i just like 17:42 . jk i hate my wifi stopped working

1 hour ago

This is how many people wished you would have brought Ethan.
(finger thingy pointing down)

1 hour ago

The way you say pItta is triggering. It’s not peta it’s PITTA

1 hour ago

Emma got honked at like every 5 seconds 😂

1 hour ago

emma ily

1 hour ago

This is how many people don’t like hummus

1 hour ago

Why didn’t you just hang with your fans

1 hour ago

No one:

Literally nobody:

Emma: iM LoNeLy

1 hour ago

Emma u need to do a prank video on Ethan and Grayson! It would be so funny to see their reactions

1 hour ago

The difference between being alone for the first time and realising that that’s literally the rest of life (for us singles) 😢

1 hour ago

Ily 🤟 I have been watching ur vids since about 1 or 1.5 million subscribers ily so much 💋

1 hour ago

When you have tons of money and nothing to spend it on

1 hour ago

So u hate slimes

1 hour ago

17:15 I dont know.... i just dont like it. I also dont like guac.... im gonna get killed by someone for saying that

1 hour ago

Fun fact Min 2:47 is the time when I hear someone breaking in into the house next to me :) FYI : they broke a glass and yelled its sharp 😔

1 hour ago

U should post more.

1 hour ago

i dont like hummus emma gon whoop my ass nwo faaackkk

1 hour ago

Your ugly

2 hours ago


2 hours ago

Honestly, I would freaking LOVE this. I need my alone time.

2 hours ago

the big dope

2 hours ago

One girl chilling in a hot tub no feet apart Cause she’s alone

2 hours ago

I love your sweatshirt!😂like if you agree with me 😂😩

2 hours ago