Your Brain on Public Schools - Dumb people answer questions

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Published: 1 year ago
The American public school system, ladies and gentlemen


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28:25 Beautiful: )

40 minutes ago

- "What's our galaxy called? It's also a candy bar."
- "Mars."

1 hour ago

These VTs are put forward as entertainment because, of course, poor education is funny.
Except it's not. And I know that producers have to ask 100 people before they get to the sort of numbskulls shown in these clips, but that even 1% of an advanced, wealthy country can be so insular and uninformed is a damning indictment on the education system.

2 hours ago

And it doesn't help that Jay Leno is promulgating the idea that there are 9 planets in the Milky Way. That is simply not true.

2 hours ago

He's wrong about solar system planwts.they're 8.Pluto was demoted.Too small.

2 hours ago

Some of the people are so dumb, they are totally sober and I am sad, it’s scary.

3 hours ago

Lol they make flat earthers look smart

3 hours ago

The eagles attacking a lion... thats hilarious

3 hours ago

“What is bipartisanship”
“Idk like bisexual”

3 hours ago

public schoolers imma right

3 hours ago

Just ask American Religions Questions, that can they good Answer.

4 hours ago

the really scary take away from all this is when all these stupid people get older and there is no one competent to run the country we get donald trump...

5 hours ago

WTF do they teach in schools?

6 hours ago


7 hours ago

What really pissed me off was the school teacher. Bitch needs to be fired.

8 hours ago

"Name the Month that we get the least sleep".

"February" is NOT ALWAYS THE CORRECT ANSWER. Screw the people who think it is.

If I sleep 10 hours a day because it is cold as fuck in February, and only sleep 6 hours a day in July/ August because it is nice out and sunny for many hours, which MONTH did I GET THE LEAST SLEEP?

28 x 10 = 280
31 x 6 = 186

At least the question did prove who is stupid since it was the person asking it (as well as the people who came up with it) that was stupid.

9 hours ago

What’s not funny is that these people can vote.

9 hours ago

what month do you get the least sleep - had me for a moment.

"how do you spell psychiatrist?" P.Y.S.A.N.T.I.C.H.R.I.S.T.A.T.R.I.S.T

10 hours ago

these are average wonder they elected Trump..but no worries,he's just nr 1 world leader

13 hours ago

good thing some of these girls are pretty. Because they are dumb

13 hours ago

Voters.... This is all one needs to know to recognise why the west is navigating dangerously close to the great plughole of doom.

13 hours ago

I want Trump to be asked all of these questions.

16 hours ago

34:31 best part by far. She says cock and he subtly fires back with dick.

17 hours ago

There's actually 8 planets in our solar system. Pluto doesn't count

19 hours ago

This is what happens when you build your entire system and society on lies. Many become disillusioned and have no interest in its history and subsequent workings.

19 hours ago

“It’s somewhere over here” points to canada “nah that’s the Arctic” WRONG the Arctic is in Antarctica which is a continent in the SOUTH. Even the damn interviewer is ignorant.

20 hours ago

Nah, you just don't know how to tell when someone is being sarcastic

19 hours ago

Civil War was not about slavery. The Zionists have already buried history and rewrote it. US is f***ed.

20 hours ago

wow just wow

21 hours ago

Gubment educashun

22 hours ago

i'm the king of the jungle bitches .

22 hours ago

the most capitalist brainwashed people on earth . easy prey .

22 hours ago